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  1. Ok I know what Fiverr tell you the advantage is e.g. faster payments, a nice little badge etc but in reality what's the advantage. I see lots of top rated sellers on ebay but I wouldn't trust them as they have purely got there from selling cheap products and it only tells me they've sold a lot of stuff - not that they are good. * Do you get higher up the search rankings * To potential sellers does it tell them anything apart from you are a top rated seller.
  2. Thanks. I thought this might be the case so I'll have to edit the video and do that.
  3. I DO want a video. But I just don't want the video still to be the first image on a search. I'd rather it be the thumbnail picture I've especially uploaded.
  4. Hi - thanks for the response, however as mentioned in my post - I don't want the video still (I know how to do that already). I'd rather have the thumbnail picture not the video still (see attachment example of mine as the 3rd gig along). It's a still from my video rather than a nice glossy picture that I have uploaded.
  5. Hi Everyone In my profile, I have a video for my gigs which give a bit more detail about what I am selling. However, when I search for my gig, the image displayed next to my profile is always the video screenshot. I'd rather have a nice graphic picture of me first rather than the video still. Without deleting the video or recording another one with graphics added on, does anyone know how to change this
  6. Thanks - I saw this so the crucial part is: Once both seller and buyer have completed their reviews, or the 10 days have passed, all posted reviews are made public. So even if I don't leave a review back - then it automatically appears within 10 days. Thanks
  7. Hi As a seller, I'm in a good position that I regularly receive positive feedback and at the moment I've been very busy with July / August being my peak time. I was wondering if there was a limit on how long a feedback would stay "unpublished" for when it was left. At present, your feedback only becomes visible once you leave the seller feedback. What my plan was to stagger my feedback reviews so they appear once a week rather than all bunched up over a couple of days. I just didn't want the feedback to expire because I hadn't published it.
  8. Thanks. Your message makes sense but I'd put it down to just Fiverr being Fiverr. It was the buyer's first purchase and I didn't have any other comms from Fiverr on the dispute. Not the first time they've done something affecting me but not bothered to tell me (then can't explain any more). Thanks
  9. Thanks - I did already. Often my questions on Fiverr are more to do with their actions rather than their solutions. For example "You've been compensated" - what does that mean? Strange terminology They email about my cancelled order, but I never received individual notice it had been cancelled At 14:50, the cancellation was applied and at 14:50, the email fraud chargeback arrived. Why cancel the order and then reapply it back at the same time. With Fiverr, it's more about their odd behaviour / ways of working that just confuses me.
  10. Hello A buyer contacted me on requesting a 24-hour turnaround on a gig. Which I agreed to and actually delivered in 12 hours and marked as delivered (as stated on my page) I didn't heard anything back from them and 5 days later, the gig is marked as cancelled THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE. At the exact same time, the order was marked as cancelled, I received an email from Fiverr stating: ------ You just got refunded for a canceled order Good news! Your revenues for the canceled order by X due to a dispute were returned to your account, without affecting your cancellation rate. You can withdraw these funds from your account after a safety period of 7 days. ----- On the app it also stated "You were compensated for your canceled order" I'm really unclear what's going on as it looks like the buyer issued as chargeback which was approved and at the same time Fiverr have said it wasn't valid and the money has returned. But it hasn't yet (maybe it will do in 7 days). It's just weird I received all the messages at the same time. (Obviously I know what the buyer has tried to do here but I'm not entering that at this stage)
  11. Unfortunately wanted a service that I don’t even come close to delivering but paid for a gig and just said “Yeah don’t want this. Please do this”
  12. Hello Buyer completely bought the wrong gig and wants to cancel. How do I avoid it being a defect mark on my ratings?
  13. Me too! However, if you figure out the secret Algorithm, please tell me. And if I find out what it is I will tell you. 😉 On SEO, the more varied IP’s search and click on your gig, the higher your gig should appear - in theory. 🙂
  14. Fiverr affect your completion rate stats and include cancelled orders in their figures. However, when the buyer made a mistake, changed their mind and requested a cancel - this affects your rating. Why is this the case when you haven’t done anything wrong? Is messaging Fiver going to change this? I just find it patronising that they send you generic messages about your rating dropping and tips on how to improve it - when actually their system has caused it.
  15. Hi all Does anyone know how Fiverr show your gig in the searches with all things being even e.g. my rating, number of completed orders, reviews etc are exactly the same . I’ve asked a friend to search using the same keywords to see where my gig comes up. It can be wildly different in the search results which makes sense as sometimes I receive a rush of orders then nothing.
  16. This doesn’t add up. Now that you have at least 1 rated order in the last 60 days, your ratings (on the analytics/dashboard page) should no longer show N/A. It could just be that it hasn’t updated yet. When that happens, you should be eligible for promotion to Level 2 (provided you meet all the other requirements). Lol fiverr doesn’t add up at all for me. Crazy rules. Crazy support
  17. Hello I’ve been on Fiverr for a year and a half and had over 100 orders. I’ve gone up and down the very confusing dashboard from Level 2 to 0 and now I am at Level 1. I have met all the criteria it states on the requirements and everything is green for my next rating date. However, it now states N/A under my rating. I have had 2 ratings this month but before that none for 60 days. Is this why it states N/A and will it also state I haven’t met requirements again for this month?
  18. Just a word document. Nothing special If anything I can never download anything from buyers when they attach
  19. Unfortunately no. I think post cancellation they wouldn’t be able to do anything. I know it sucks but it is what it is. Why didn’t you try doing a “Deliver Again” instead of attaching it in the message box? Because I didn’t realise there was a problem until the buyer asked so I included it in the messages. I guessed I didn’t think I would have to deliver again. I Didn’t realise fiverrs system would just do something like that and then fiverr rather than apologise actually make it worse by punishing me twice.
  20. Hello I have been on fiverr for a couple of years now delivering hundreds of orders. Today, I had received a warning from fiverr alluding to me trying to cheat the system by not uploading the service I provided. Also the buyer received a full refund under the cancellation. The situation was: I uploaded the documentI deliveredFiverr system didn’t pick up the upload for whatever reasonI helped “fiverr” out by uploading it in the message and providing it this way.Fiverr didn’t contact me to understandFiverr cancelled and give the money back to the buyerI have wasted my hours providing something with no money for it and a “warning”When I complained to support their response was “We’ve cancelled now…tough luck” Do fiverr have a complaints procedure outside of their “support”
  21. Thanks So I was reading it as $1 max but just the way it was written it seemed like that was really low.
  22. I’m about to withdraw funds from my account. I can only find the FAQ for the US site which state Paypal The fee to withdraw is 2% of the sum withdrawal amount, up to $1. Bank Transfer There is a $3 charge per withdrawal. Additional fees may apply based on your location and currency. If I’m withdrawing $150 - which is the best to do. It feels like a exam question at the moment
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