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  1. Arabic is a very difficult language to learn. Every sound they use with every letter are sounds I had never heard until I heard them and they don’t use the mouth much for talking but they use the part of their throat so its really difficult for me 😂 But I also think its a very cool language to learn because its one of the oldest ones! But I realize we are getting off topic now 😊
  2. Congratulations! You’re a beauty who knows many languages fluently and can navigate a site like this where most of us get lost 🐧 All kinds of impressive! Btw do people from Pakistan sometimes learn Arabic? I know its not the same as Urdu. I’m just curious because I have lived in Tunisia for a bit and I got a little into the Arabic culture 😊
  3. Hey! I like the name of your page its very catchy! 😀
  4. Im having the exact same issue. Did you ever get it solved? I see all these messages popping in, then I open them, sometimes I get a chance to read them before they disappear, but then I cant reply, cause I dont remember the name of who sent it
  5. Hey I thought this would be helpful for you. https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/205257508-Setting-up-Your-PayPal-Account You can only create a Pay Pal account after you have recieved an order 😊
  6. Hi! I am an artist. I mostly create art which provokes a reaction, but if you show me an example of what youre looking for, I could tell you if I could do it or not 😊
  7. Hi and welcome! I am also new here and I dont claim to be an expert but here is my personal opinions of your page. 🐧 First of all, I feel like some of the titles of your gigs are a little confusing, and not very specific. For instance one says “I will provide social media marketing” personally I wouldnt bother clicking on a gig that was so little specific. I would rather click on a gig that for instance said “I will create and manage your business instagram”. Also you have another gig called “I will collect valid business mail or personal mail” and to be honest I actually dont even understand what that means.
  8. Hehe Stuart Im also new here and certainly not a patient person 😜 Well said wuerz123!
  9. Hey barbara. I have emailed the costumer service before and they replied to me pretty quickly, so thats probably a good way to reach them 😊 good luck!
  10. Now that I’ve established dominance, I may tell you two things: 1- Be careful when writing descriptions and offers in your Gigs, and also when sending Offers to potential clients. Grammar mistakes could put a client into alert mode, they don’t want to deal with miscommunication with their sellers. 2- Use the first days to learn, read the Forums, inform yourself, lurk into other Gigs that offer the same services as yours to see how the business looks like. Improve your Gigs, be flexible and see what strategy works well for you. Patience is key. Note: don’t take everything so personal, we’re all like a big family here… and I’m the black sheep 😉 I think he was just confused about what you said I don’t think he was trying to be rude at all. 🌻
  11. Lets all be nice and friendly to rokih49 hes new here. Im also new so I dont have much advice yet, but I hope you find this website useful Mohammad 🐧
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