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  1. Haha 🙂 I am at a crossroads in my life, for now taking it easy. I am actually working on a side project which involves writing a book. So many things to do, so little time. Came across Fiverr and decided to have a go at it. No strings attached. We will see how it goes but like I said I am not that desperate for my first sale, or any sale for that matter. I have decreased my rates already from the start, and I will let the chips fall where they may. Not going any lower. After all, you don’t see me complaining due to the lack of gigs now do you? 😉 Thanks for the kind words 🙂 IMHO will manage in the long run 🙂 Russians are tough PS. Maybe I will come to IMHO for him to translate my book into Russian once it is completed 😉
  2. Oh, no no. It is meaningful and a lot of thought had gone into it 🙂 It was definitely worth while on my part, as I can only speak for myself. No need to feel regrets.
  3. I see that you joined Fiverr last month. Welcome to Fiverr! 😉 On a related note, when you’ve have been around as long as I have, then you can correct the wisdom and encouragement that I offer to new sellers, and you are welcome to criticize the experience and advice that I am happy to share with those still building their skills and reputation here on Fiverr. In the meantime, we do not work in similar fields. I build professional brands, and design logos. You create 2d and 3D illustrations. Let’s not compare apples to oranges. I wish you luck as you establish yourself and your skills here on Fiverr. That first review is elusive sometimes. May it come to you quickly, and be the praise that launches your Fiverr career! Yes, I am new here, and I am taking it lightly in terms of sales. I would suggest not narrowing down my career experience only to Fiverr, that would be foolish 🙂 You know what I have written has merit not only on the internet but in the real world 🙂 And I am entitled to my own opinion, as you are to yours. My advice that I post here on the forums, as you can read goes into many fields. I do not need your approval to give advice to anyone, regardless on how long I have been on Fiverr. I always say what I feel and see and nothing will change that. I do so much much more than I have presented in my gigs here. I also do branding and logo design (which I have not included in my gigs), 3d and 2d character animation (not included here) and more. So, this is somewhat similar to your statistics or lack there of, you may or may not believe in what I say, that does not make it true or not true in the real world, only in your opinion 🙂 So yes, I am comparing apples to apples, and sorry to say but I do have done more logo design than you have on your gig profile (Just saying not a competition. Perhaps you have more logos offline in your offline portfolio? Matters not). Besides, it is clear that I do know what I am talking about, and it shows in my posts. Yes and in the post above too 🙂 I will let readers decide. Thank you, I take your good word without pressure 🙂 I stated I will give it until the end of the month then I am off. Life awaits 🙂 I wish you much success as well, and regardless if we differ in our opinions I am sure that readers can always learn something when there is an interesting discussion going on 🙂 PS. I know what would get me a lot of sales… decreasing my price dramatically, only I am not prepared to do so, nor will I.
  4. I was not aware that this was my motivation. Read what you have written, and how 🙂 Its OK, it is normal to talk about ones work from a seller stand point, when not talking to someone that works in a similar field. But when both parties are on the inside and on some of the know how, there are different rules of dialogue 😉
  5. Oh, come on, you don’t expect me to fall for that bait, now, do you? 😉 As I’ve stated in the past, I have a policy of not sharing the analytics behind my success here on Fiverr. My analytics are my own. You don’t need to know my stats, traffic, or where it comes from. Suffice it to say, yes, I do practice what I preach. And yes, I have gained quite a few clients and sales from my promotional efforts. If you want to achieve what I have, then do the following: develop a marketing plan, put the pieces of that plan into action, and make it work for you. Hard work is required. You’re not going to get anywhere without it. Sellers who complain about a lack of sales (or success), and yet, willingly choose NOT to do the hard promotional work that improves success, are shooting themselves in the foot. Failure to act, does not give people a right to complain. In my case, I have worked hard for my sales, success, and repeat clients. But that is my success; those are my sales; and those are my valued clients. Your success will be different, because you have different services, a different target market, and, it would seem, a vastly different work ethic. Yes, be a doer. Fiverr is correct. Those who do… succeed. I’m sorry you feel this way. I beg to differ, of course. Perhaps I have a better understanding of the power a slogan or tagline can have. Perhaps I see more than just pointless words that mean nothing. Nike tells is to “Just Do It”, and they’ve built a powerful brand around that phrase. Apple told us to “Think Different”, and they built an innovative, forward-thinking tech brand around that phrase. Words are powerful. Words drive action. Action promotes success. You can ignor success. You can ignor innovation. However, the only person you are hurting by doing so, is yourself. If you want to succeed, then you need to do. There is no other way. Bait? I just wondered if: We are in different fields/markets. For my gigs I will not bring clients to Fiverr. The work I do can be watermarked, and I can take care of all I need (contracts, accounting etc.) without the need for a framework that takes 20% (also bring my clients to a market place that is quite cheap, not feasible). For clients within Fiverr I am prepared to give Fiverr their cut no problem. As I posted before, if i had a gig that was harder to watermark (translation, small Photoshop work etc.) it would make more sense for me to bring clients here. For 5$ contracts are not feasible nor worth the hassle, so this framework makes sense. I asked, because its easy to talk, however without a rough percentage it is hard to see just how much work you have done in this field of external marketing. It all comes down to figures, if one is to take what you say with all seriousness and take you as an example. So no, there is no bait here, only a question where numbers and statistics would really back what you say. However its all good for me, you are entitled to keeping your statistics and numbers to yourself, and I am entitled to take what you say as I see it in regards to how it is presented. If one needs a slogan to be motivated to do something, I think one is lazy to start off with. Take into consideration that people that make these products and companies, did not need slogans. What is more, these slogans are built to create a customer base, and to impact people that could be potential clients. Sometimes when a product is lacking, a slogan goes a long way to convince people to purchase their item. To sum it up: Slogan is for consumers, not for “doers”. A “doer” simply does, without having to call himself a doer. That misses the whole point. One does not stop and say: “Hey I’m a doer”, because when one is pondering whether he is a doer or not, he is not doing but pondering. I did not come to Fiverr because of their slogan, I came to try it out regardless what they had written on their main web page. I would appreciate if you did not talk to me like I was your customer 😉 I have been in the graphics industry including logo and branding, which also includes coming up with names and slogans so I do know what I am talking about 🙂 Yes, which is why one must be very careful in life in regards to not only what people say, but what and how they sell 🙂 If someone is unprepared in this area, he is naive and gullible.
  6. Good. Then my message is effective. The question is: Are YOU taking my advice to heart, or are you still choosing to complain, and hope your visibility concerns fix themselves? Fiverr is about doing. Be a doer. Complaining achieves nothing. 😉 Care to share the rough % of clients that you have from Fiverr directly compared to clients which you have brought to Fiverr yourself by external marketing? (from the beginning of your Fiverr career would be great). Thanks. This is just a slogan, it does nothing for me personally. Once someone recognizes something as a slogan one becomes immune to it. Just saying 🙂
  7. My turn: I am the one to the left on my profile picture.I am the one to the right on my profile picture.I am the one taking the profile picture.
  8. I vote this out out. Unless all 7 are on your scalp. I think most of the users on Fiverr could add: My profile photo is real.
  9. I’m thinking of hiring someone from Fiverr, to do that vid for me for a fiver.
  10. I think you could set up a Fiverr-wiki. I give you good discount for children drawings if you promote my gig, thanks.
  11. You really like to tease people. don´t you? 😂 Now, now, just some innocent fun 🙂
  12. Very easy solution: First strike - automatic warning and inability to post in BR for a week. Second strike - automatic ban from Fiverr for a week. Third strike - automatic ban from Fiverr I would bet good money, this would solve the problem.
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