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  1. Thanks for your kind reply! You haven’t got a single order yet but I have completed several projects. Suddenly it just stopped! So, thinking is there any wrong! It pains me much.
  2. Hi all, I have not been getting any order for the last 3 months! What should I improve? Would be very happy if you kindly leave your valuable suggestions. Here is the GIG link https://www.fiverr.com/minahmmas/make-html-templates-with-splendid-design Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I recommend checking all the articles out here in this forum. I bet you will get a bunch of sources to learn boosting your performance. Thanks
  4. Hello, Sometimes there happens an error and so is the result you are facing. I would contact the Customer Support if I were you. You can contact too to get a solution. Thanks
  5. Hello @rahulgupta910, It depends all over your patience and dedications! Keep patience in heart.
  6. Same things happening with me too!😐
  7. There’s no ‘maybe’. It’s not possible to change the nickname on Fiverr, unless you close your account and open a new one, with a different nickname. Thank you @catwriter for the confirmation!😃
  8. YES! Maybe there is no way to change the nickname on Fiverr.
  9. I want to say what @vickiespencer has said. Nothing new. Thanks
  10. Just read the articles already been written on your thread. You will get a lot of suggestions, tricks on how to get sale quickly. But remember, what you need more is to keeping PATIENCE. Good Luck
  11. Hello @novembergray I have seen your profile right now. Everything looks good except the pricing as a new seller. Although you know better about the price for your job, but my personal review is to lessen the prices slightly as you are still a new seller. But you should increase the price once you have done 20/30+ orders successfully. Just let the ball rolling first. Thanks much
  12. So, you should know about this rule BROS! Maybe you have 5 or more active orders in your queue and that’s the reason you are unable to open this feature. Thanks
  13. The numbers of Buyer Requests depends on your service category, it’s demand and on some aspects. I thinks, everything will okay after a certain time period. Thanks
  14. Ummm! I can’t see the image you have added and so I am not able to suggest any idea. Let’s see what the senior user about this. Thanks
  15. @alvy_khan, It’s very hard to get your first sale on any marketplace. Beside your skills, your luck is very essential to get your order. So, don’t stop your trying and of course keep patience on almighty. Hope, you will get your first sale soon. Good Luck
  16. Maybe you(@dinar8617) are new to this rule. 🙂
  17. Congratulations @hajikhan. It’s really good to hear. But I am excited to see an image of your car if you don’t mind. LoL! Thanks
  18. Hello @alvy_khan I have also gone through your profiles. I don’t have any new suggestions for you but what @sara19841 has said. Good Luck
  19. It’s not enough to send the buyers request only but to send them in a proper way that proofs you have gone through the buyers post and are able to do the job professionally. Thanks
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