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  1. Hi Just read their request well and then if you will feel comfortable with their request then type request. Don't request them if you are not confident with what they actually want. Explain them what they will get by you. Also what you will deliver them. I thin if they will read your request obviously they will reply you soon. Thanks
  2. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LECTURE. Try to see their work experience from their reviews of gig Also work quality from their review. If you will post a buyer request there will come lots of new comer who can't complete your work well it can make you disappoint. At first check seller gig well. If it's able to make you impressed by their straight forward describe then contact the seller and discuss details about the project then if you will feel safe then put the order it will help you to find the best service from Fiverr. Thanks Sagorreo
  3. I have promoted a gig before Recently I’m thinking That I should promote another gig. but I can’t change the gig which I promoted at first. Will, I able to change my promoted gig?
  4. but if i will go to inside of my gig there is showing video and first image after click it mannually
  5. Actually last two weeks ago i update my gig video and first image on my gig after that when i search my tag in fiverr gig page it’s just showing from number two of image not any video ya first image that i used to. 😦 can someone pls help me? 😦 Thanks
  6. Actually Since i started fiverr, I was using a payoneer account which one was my mom’s name, Because that time i haven’t any National id card ya passport this why i was using my mom’s name payoneer on my account. but after last update on payoneer. i can’t add my own bank account on payoneer, So someone please suggest me how can i remove my older payoneer account from my running fiverr seller account? And after removing my old payoneer will i able to apply for new payoneer from fiverr with my own documents?
  7. I have two account with my two pc, So now i wanna delete one account from one pc, may i do this? Will it break fiverr rules? Note: My two account was for two type of category like one is for graphic designing other one is for sounds and videos so i wanna combine my two site in my one account? it can make me online for always. will fiverr accept my one account from two pc? Expert please give me suggestion right now what can i do?
  8. obviously i didn’t copy it from anyone yes actually i was revising my gig’s and i was trying to fix the problems of mine like u said to me. Thanks anyway
  9. I am a mam not a man. 😉 We have been on Fiverr for about the same length of time. I do not check Buyer Requests daily, but usually, I see 4 or 5 requests per day. Many of them are buyers who want the 🌛s for $5. I would say of the 4 or 5 I see only 1 or 2 are worth applying for. How many requests do you see when you check? :thinking: sometime ago i checked i got one after refresh page there is nothing hahahaha
  10. I’m not new on fiverr man. i have more than 150 reviews what is 4.9/5 positive. i have quality full gig also still i’m not getting proper buyer request
  11. Last some days, I have been seen that my buyer request is not getting proper post to request. Actually i wanna know what can i do to get more buyer request ? I hope experts will give me suggestion and they will help me. Thanks sagorreo
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