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  1. According to the new level feature, What if a buyer place several orders like 10s or 15s at once asking for service I basically don’t provide? what if any of my competitor do that and ask for something else? And then asks to cancel the order? My level automatically drop down on next evaluation date?
  2. I have tried to load the page several times and even changed the internet browser but still unable to download the stock image. The download icon is not showing up. Just a gray background.
  3. If you don’t want to do the revision for free: send him a custom offer with your fee shown for doing the revisions he wants, and send back the exact same thing you delivered with a note that you are sending a custom offer for the revisions he wants, saying that your gig does not offer free revisions. If he again sends a revision request for free keep sending back the same thing you sent with the delivery, and do it as many times as it takes to get him to either give up or order the custom extra you sent him for the revisions. Any time the buyer asks for a revision, you have to send back SOMETHING as a delivery, to get the order to complete. @misscrystal Thanks.
  4. @misscrystal That means if I don’t deliver the revision the order won’t be cancelled automatically? Or the buyer can’t cancel it without my knowledge?
  5. It’s not a bug. That’s how it is, buyers can always request revisions even if you don’t offer free ones. It’s up to you whether you will provide them for free, try to charge them, or redeliver what you have already delivered, with the explanation that you have delivered as requested, and that you don’t offer free revisions. @catwriter but how can fiverr do that? with this unlimited revision any buyer can get whatever they want without giving the appropriate money for the job.
  6. @lilacpunch that means the buyer can actually ask unlimited number of revisions (changes to the order) right? That also means they can get whatever they want and still fiverr charges 20% from each order because they are sellers friend!
  7. Hi @lisabaarns, If the order has 0 revision and there is a gig extra for 1 revision $5. How can a buyer possibly order that for free? It seems to me a bug or something. And of course I sent an offer from my existing gig extra and the buyer declined it. Now the buyer is asking for premium stock images of his choice and willing to not purchase any. I don’t know why these types of buyer exists, but they certainly do.
  8. @lilacpunch It’s not about they can order 1 revision, they already did but without any fee, I don’t know how.
  9. Hi,I have a gig where I don’t offer any revision for free, its $5 + 2 days for each revision. But one of my buyers somehow managed to get free revision without purchasing anything. And the order is now showing late. Even I didn’t get a 1 second to preview but the order is late. And this gig is about designing own quotes into typography images. I offer a gig extra to use custom fonts of buyer’s choice. But the buyer is now asking to change all the texts to a single font without purchasing the gig extra. In this situation, what I possibly do? Do all the extra works for free?
  10. Nobody does read from right to left. Fiverr premium package shows first then the standard package on middle and basic on right. There is nothing like first or 2nd one packages.
  11. Why is that misleading? I offer a total 350 images. Fiverr offers these package system. Then I have the right to create packages. And how come it will mislead anyway? You can alway see what you are ordering before placing the order.
  12. Yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s $5 or the basic package.
  13. Hi. I had 5.0 average rating just before it. And now it’s 4.9. Will the average rating on profile renews every 2 months? or it will remain same forever?
  14. Hi, I am having a difficult time with a buyer. I offer a service of adding logo into motivational quote images. I have this gig with three different package, 100 images for $5, 200 images for $10 and 350 images for $15. So after receiving the order of $5 100 images, I delivered it on time. But the buyer gave me 1.4 stars stating “the seller promised 350 images but only delivered 116. then, promised to deliver one style but didn’t." But I didn’t promise anything nor had a conversation like this or similar. I requested a feedback change but the buyer isn’t responding. I contacted fiverr support and Sean from fiverr support replied that they cannot remove the review. And also mentioned that it would be against policy if I offer the buyer discounts, additional benefit in exchange for feedback change. Now in this situation what I can possibly do? Please help me.
  15. I would like to sell my Uplay or steam game accounts and keys. According to rules, can I do that without getting my gigs deleted?
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