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  1. Welcome to you as well, @ikramsarkar! 💐 If you want to succeed on Fiverr, start by learning everything you can about the platform and the forum. Here’s some handy links. Forum Tips: ❓⁉ Introduction: Common Forum Questions ❔ (Forum Software, Registering, Logins, Blocks, Buyers vs Sellers on Forum and More) Awesome Seller Tips: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR Fiverr Help and Education Center: https://www.fiverr.com/support Terms of Service: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service Fiverr Podcast: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Events/podcast Fiverr Blog: https://blog.fiverr.com/?utm_source=fiverr&utm_medium=website Now, arm yourself with patience and lots of initiative. Success doesn’t happen overnight for most, so take the time to learn how to grow your business on Fiverr from the vast amount of support available to you. All the best to you!
  2. @kamrul_hasan27, welcome to the Fiverr Community! 💐
  3. Hi Vivek and welcome to the Fiverr Community! 💐 Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m sorry to hear that your first order turned so negative. Be clear about your revision policies on your gigs and stand firm when they are challenged.
  4. Hi Marcus and welcome to the Fiverr Community! 💐 My advice to you would be to invest time in your business by reviewing the forum. You can learn a lot from the supportive group of sellers and buyers here that have generously shared their wit and wisdom on how to succeed on Fiverr.
  5. That’s what we all say…and good sellers keep getting demoted. I wonder what changed. Didn’t someone post on the forum that if there needed to be a cancellation for something that wasn’t the seller’s fault that CS indicated they would do so and it wouldn’t affect their evaluation?
  6. Unfortunately, it turned out to be incorrect. It will count against them. Is there something else that the seller can do for you in the second order? The seller is probably afraid that the cancellation will greatly harm their business, and with the current system in place, it might, even though it’s not their mistake. Ugh! I didn’t know this is the case. This really needs to be resolved, the sooner the better.
  7. I’m sure more people would be willing to empathize with you if you had shown a willingness to empathize with your seller, instead of judging so harshly. He no doubt would like the same politeness and understanding extended to him that you desire.
  8. I was reading somewhere here on the forum that some buyers were having an issue with their payment that resulted in multiple orders. Perhaps that occurred in his situation as well.
  9. I would contact the seller and explain that you ordered twice by accident and that you would like one cancelled. It’s my understanding that the seller can request that customer service cancel the order placed by accident and it won’t count against them in the monthly evaluation. If the seller refuses, then I would contact cs if I were you and ask them to cancel it. Come back and update here, if you care to.
  10. Braden, thanks so much for your post. Although I’m a good deal older than you, I can relate to much of what you shared. You are wise beyond your years and it’s heartwarming to know that you’ve already learned some incredible lessons on taking care of yourself. I’m very grateful that you were willing to be vulnerable and share your experiences as an encouragement to others. Your post certainly was an encouragement to me.
  11. YAY! That’s wonderful news! 🎉 I’m sure you must be so relieved.
  12. It sure would be fascinating and perhaps enlightening to hear the seller’s side of this transaction.
  13. Hi Rocio, welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here, there’s lots to learn from this supportive community. 💐
  14. Hi @lavoixfrancaise, welcome to the Fiverr Community! 💐
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