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  1. Update: my highest-paying gig is still not showing in a search. I contacted Customer Service, but no reply yet. I did make a slight change to the cover graphic and description and set up new packages. Maybe this is considered a new gig so it's under review? It is showing as active in Promoted Gigs but no new impressions or clicks for several days... Did I penalize myself by updating the gig? I feel like I'm losing customers by this delay in showing up again in a search 😞 Advice, suggestions, enlightenment appreciated!
  2. Hello - I had a promoted gig and got busy with clients so I turned it off. I have now turned it back on and 24 hours later, my gig does not show up when searching under the obvious tags and key words. It is successful in terms of $ and all 5 star ratings. Other, less impressive gigs show up. The bid is just above the recommended bid, but the gig "should" show up even if not promoted. Advice or explanations appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hello. In seller view I have 3 options: Manage sales Revenues Learn online courses None of these get me to my list of gigs. I have tried on 2 different computers to find my gigs…😞
  4. Hi. I know they can be seen by buyers , but I can no longer find the page to list, edit, add etc. very strange. This has been the case for 2 weeks now.
  5. Hello! I’m really puzzled and appreciate help from this group. My gigs have disappeared on my dashboard. And I cannot find those or even how to add a gig page. This happened after I downloaded payment for the first time. I am awaiting response front Customer Service. I have had no warnings; all was good with my account as far as I know. Strong customer ratings. Thanks for helping me figure this out. Sophee
  6. Hello - Gigs are not professional when there are spelling and grammar errors. Hard for me to take the seller seriously. I know not everyone here has English as their first language; in that case, I suggest getting an English speaker to review your Gig. I have offered to make edits and corrections to a few sellers. Some take me up on it to improve their Gigs and others do not.
  7. Thanks for posting this - it worked for me!!!
  8. I have categories in writing. Resumes and editing.
  9. I have done the same - now have 3 drafts that I am unable to publish
  10. Thanks for your reply. I have done so. Any ide what this guy trying to accomplish?
  11. Hello! I was contacted for a gig and sent an upwork link in order to get the info. Anyone else have similar situation?
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