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  1. Yes, absolutely !!! Thank you John, But here we will create and generate all the back-links manually by visiting to each profile with by sign up and then create the back-links by proper inserting of keyword, Landing page and anchor text . We are not believing by using the any Tool to generate the back-links for our clients.
  2. I am going to create a new Gigs related to backlinks. Can anyone suggest me which one will be effective out of these two Title ? Improve Your Site’s SEO with 200 quality backlinks. Help building quality 200 backlinks to your website.
  3. Thank you so much for all your suggestion and it will definitely help me but have some little bit need some more clarification about this > One of your gigs is ‘I Will Do PPC Campaign That Deliver Immediate Result’ - have you tried using PPC for your gigs? (Remembering you can’t use Adwords to send traffic directly to your gigs, but you can send it to a landing page). And Regarding the Team : We have a team of 80+ professional and experts in house and we are google partner company and we are now serving 300 clients globally … They are experts and then can do everything … But I have joined as Freelancer manager and once any client converted I will transfer them and they will do all the things.
  4. Hi Guys, I am working as a Freelancer Manager for a Google partner company providing all the Digital and my company has given the responsibility on my shoulder, but from the last year, I could not able to get any order yet. I changed lots of tactics, gigs but not enough to get the orders, I expected. Could anyone give me some suggestion otherwise my job is going in Danger .
  5. That’s contradictory if you already met them on Fiverr and are already having conversations. There are lots of sellers with teams who still manage their sales right here on Fiverr. Just feel like you’re looking for a justification to violate that term. Play safe though! Okay thank you all for your valuable reponse …
  6. Thanks…Is there any chat option I can able to contact with Fiverr Customer Care
  7. Yes, I know … but we have a dedicated support team having 40 50 IT experts and they have their own ecosystem. We have the clients now more than 500+ SEO clients and all they are communicating with via email …and also they send reporting and other formalities as well. So, in that case, we need the customer email id for reporting and other …
  8. I know but while reporting we need their email id for the reporting …
  9. While communicating with the buyer, is it safe for asking the email id during the chat ? As I need the buyer email id for the SEO project . Do you guys can have share something with me ?
  10. Congratulation !!! Keep the hard work .
  11. thank you for your response but we are here working 70 IT experts and this much work is not sufficient for us … We want to hunt more and more clients… Any idea.
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