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  1. Today I did tip#2, the buyer’s budget was $70 and I sent an offer of $65. And you know what, he gave an immense review.
  2. I was editing for the last week constantly. just to make sure everything is good, now I am not touching it for sure!
  3. Yes same thing happened with me. The buyer need time to confirm about changes with his spouse. He just make a revisions request so that it won’t get auto completed.
  4. Keep your profile updated and spent time to learn about good profile, keywords and tags. It will take time to get ranked and you will start selling your service.
  5. I am shocked that a seller can openly dare to ask these type of payment methods on Fiverr. That is strictly forbidden and we always afraid of breaking any Terms of service.
  6. OMG I don’t know why I edit my gig everyday!
  7. and what if we use behance profile link to buyer request? is it not allowed?
  8. Nice one! helpful for many people! Always got inspiration by these helpful tips here on forum! I wish My gigs also appear on first page ASAP
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