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  1. I still can not publish my gig. I filled in all areas, downloaded pictures and still can not get it out of draft mode. Can somebody check it for me fiverr/gailszotak. PLEASE!!
  2. I have been trying for days to get my gig published but I can’t get past DRAFT, What do I do,
  3. Thank you for the confidence. Maybe you can help. I can not get my first gig to post. I can’t get it out of the draft mode. What do I do? Gail
  4. My name is Gail. Until yesterday I didn’t even know these kind of sites existed. I have many years of experience in several aspects of the Business world. Due to an accident, I am limited to the type of work I can do now but I still would like to put the skills I have learned over the years to good use. I was working on my first gig last night, but somehow I lost it. I am going to try again. I’ll get back to you and let you know how it went.
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