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  1. Hi Tony, I think you are looking for your Gig Favorite/Save Button that Looks like Love Sign. You have that too. But you can’t see that when you logged in your Profile. But if you go your Browser Private mood and open your Gig than You will able to see that. I hope this will work. Have a Nice day and Stay Home Stay Safe. Regards, Atik ☺️
  2. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Congretulations. Let’s Rock on fiverr.
  3. Hi, Please Use a SEO Title, Description and Tag On your Gig. And Please use Service related Eye catching image so that people can understand, and about image please maintain the fiverr gig image rule. I hope this will help you to Improve your Fiverr Gig. Let’s Rock On Fiverr. Thanks
  4. Hi, Welcome On Fiverr. Please Use a SEO Title, Description and Tag On your Gig. And Please use Service related image so that people can understand. And after done all of this send Buyer request daily and Marketing on social Media Platform. I hope this will help you to get the First Order Easily. Let’s Rock On Fiverr. Thanks
  5. Same problem goes here. I’m also watching any helpful comment. 😇
  6. Don’t worry. Fiver arrange monthly evolution on 15th of every month. I hope you will get Level 2 on 15 april 2020. Advance welcome. Rock on fiverr.
  7. Let’s Check after clean your Browser Cache. Thanks
  8. Hi, My suggestion will be Share your Work’s on your Social Media Platform with Your Gig Links. So that you can gain order From Them. I hope it will work’s Good For your Gig. And if you notice your Click view is not much, focus on your Gig Image. Wish You to rock on fiverr. Happy Freelancing.
  9. Congratulations Brother. Hope you will rock on fiverr.
  10. Hi Welcome In Fiverr, For a Rock on fiverr focus on your Gig Quality. And make sure you are expert in your offering service. Maintain your time & Client budget. That’s it. Happy Freelancing.
  11. Hi, Please focus on your gig. And arrange it with Eye catching And Related Images. And focus on your Gig title, Tag and Descriptions. I hope you will get more order. And don’t be upset make you skill more powerful and create a Great portfolio. And please send buyer request regularly. I hope this tips helps you to make rock on fiverr. Best wishes.
  12. Hi, I think you need to send your perfect offer’s to your buyer or you can’t get the buyer point of view. Don’t be upset it happens. Please research more and Focus on your gig image first. Make them eye catching and must sure that related to your gig. And focus on your Gig Title, Tags and Descriptions. And about Marketing don’t send direct offer to your client’s. First try to understand their business and problems. Than you offer to give solutions. If you have a great portfolio that helps you so much to convince them. Wish you Happy Freelancing. Be rock on fiverr. Thanks 😉
  13. Hi, Thanks for your interest to improve your gig. Please create your Gig Image Professional and Attractive. And that want must looks related with your gig product/service. And For ranking please focus on buyer satisfaction and Collect work from them with buyer request. And For a Better seo please focus on your gig title,descriptions and tags. Hope this tips helps you to rock on fiverr. Happy Freelancing.
  14. Hi, It will be best if you allow some times your buyer for choose and revision before delivery so that you delivery it after finishing all stage. Buyer likes it so much. But now No problem with the late in revisions. It didn’t effect on time on delivery. You can co-operate with your buyer so that he/she can 100% satisfied. Best wishes. Happy Freelancing with fiverr.
  15. You will banned from Fiverr if you use any social media platform in your gig description. Be careful dear. Happy Freelancing
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