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  1. Hi My delivery file is too large How to send it to buyer please help!
  2. My gigs are not visible under online search filter. I’m always in online.What should I do now?
  3. Optimized your gig and share all social media…Good luck!
  4. If you work hard then its so easy…share your gig every social media you will get good views and click…its work for me…
  5. I shared my gig everywhere again again but Still it stuck on 4 no. page … what should I do to see my gig on first page? https://www.fiverr.com/hazirabegum/design-a-professional-business-logo-within-12-hours
  6. yes! Last 1.5 month i don’t got any order …😥
  7. BANGLA,hinidi,urdu,arabic and some spanish
  8. I’m so happy for getting my level one seller badge.Pray for me so that i can get more order,
  9. I get an order 5 days ago…I delivered the file but he did’t respond even he aren’t come online last 2days…what can I do?
  10. I have complete only 7 order and my all client are very happy for my work…But I don’t know why I don’t get any order…some buyer come to me with very low budget but i can’t do any difficult job within very low price…And i share my gig at all social platform but its only increase impression,views and social click …what should I do for getting click?and order?
  11. Last 21 days I don’t get any order coz,buyer come to me for low price I don’t know why?and I never do any job for low price…
  12. My Gig’s condition was good few days ago and i have completed few order but suddenly my gig’s rank is decreasing day by day.someone please tell me what should I do now?
  13. Probably because your buyer doesn’t want it to show. The image shows only if the buyer allows it. Oh i see that’s the main point i think
  14. i understand this and when i created my gig i saw live portfolio is on…But i don’t understand why its not showing…
  15. yes bro its check but still its not showing
  16. Hello guys. I’m new in fiverr…today i was complete my first order and buyer give me good review…I’m a logo designer But i want to know that i didn’t see the final image in my gig why?any problem…guys don’t make fun i say first i’m new here
  17. Honestly You change my mind…many thanks for your good advice.
  18. Day by day my gig impression,click,views is decreasing.What can I do please say something.
  19. Please someone tell me why i don’t get any order.please look at my gig …is this okay?
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