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  1. I’m so happy that I got it back…after available now gone don’t get much order…
  2. This is awesome man! keep it up… also I’m going to build a pc few month later…
  3. I think the level system is fine. If you want to keep your level up you have to work hard.💪
  4. I think so…when its gone Even I don’t get any order…its really important so much for me 😥
  5. after available option gone don’t get any order…what should I do?
  6. Everything is 100% but cannot use available now…for that reason don’t get any order…when it will be fix? I extremely need it…
  7. So true. I edited some gigs and no changes happened to them in ranks. Then later edited them again and big change, bad rankings after that. So if you have good rank do not change them! that’s why I do not change my gig last Two month. 😥
  8. One day I find my gig on the first page but another day I can’t find it why?and I add available option but when I search my gig I see it’s not available.😥
  9. Which Ip address is important Wan or Lan…?
  10. Buyer sent me any message through order page…when I check it doesn’t appear what should i do?
  11. My gig perform well 5 days before but suddenly everything is down (Click,Impression etc.) https://www.fiverr.com/hazirabegum/design-a-professional-business-logo-within-12-hours what should I do.?
  12. Hi When I’m at home I use Wifi Both Mobile and leptop and when I’m out of home I use fiverr app with mobile network…is there any problem?
  13. Hi My delivery file is too large How to send it to buyer please help!
  14. My gigs are not visible under online search filter. I’m always in online.What should I do now?
  15. Optimized your gig and share all social media…Good luck!
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