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  1. Please be aware of a gig provided called ‘overboost’. She accepts gigs and than tries to renegotiate the price. I purchased a $5 gig, she than asks for another $40. I left a bad review and she than told that if I removed the review she would complete the work for $15. As soon as I removed the review she refused to complete the work. She basically blackmailed me.

    If you purchase $5 packages and demand $40 work, Then she ask $40 from you…you should discuss with her first

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  2. I agree with most of what you said except for this:




    edume said: 1. Send a message to the seller and ask some questions. Wait and see how long it takes to reply. If it takes more than a day, forget about this seller. Good communication means a fast reply.


    What if the seller is enjoying a day away from work?

    What if the seller is ill?

    What if the seller is on vacation?

    What if the seller is swamped with work and only responds to messages 3/4 times a week?


    Having a good response time isn't indicative of your ability to sell successfully. Would you spoil your day off by replying to a message regarding a $5 order?

    I’m totally agree with you

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