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  1. Man, this is so disappointing …Why did you go through email
  2. Same here, Tried everything I know, but I don’t know what the main problem
  3. If you purchase $5 packages and demand $40 work, Then she ask $40 from you…you should discuss with her first
  4. What if the seller is enjoying a day away from work? What if the seller is ill? What if the seller is on vacation? What if the seller is swamped with work and only responds to messages 3/4 times a week? Having a good response time isn't indicative of your ability to sell successfully. Would you spoil your day off by replying to a message regarding a $5 order? I’m totally agree with you
  5. I tried everything I know, but I don’t know what is the main reason behind my gig, My gig goes down day by day. I’m so disappointed right now.😫
  6. Share your profile at social media also send efficient buyer request…hope it will help!
  7. Available now features were really helpful for us is there any possibility to get back that feature again…
  8. I’m promoting my gig on social media also my two gigs are on the first page. But I don’t know why I don’t get any order. Last 10 months I completed 20/25 order per month with same gig… Suddenly I’m facing this issue… I extremely disappointed what should I do?
  9. Last few month I got so many order.but last 12days my gig rank still in 1st page but I don’t know why I didn’t get order even click and impression increased.
  10. I sent a custom order and buyer told me that he accept the order but order don’t started,what should I do now?
  11. Yes, I delivered complete work, but click revision again and again.
  12. Hi, I have an order which is still running on revision after one day of the deadline is there any possibility to loss my delivery on time percentage ? Thanks
  13. It completely depends on what kind of phone you bought, really… phone-2476595_1280.png1280×657 835 KBAndroid and iPhones, you shouldn’t have a problem. Anything more vintage and you’ll probably run into problems. android but different brand like my old phone was samsung and my my new phone is huawei brand.That’s why I have some confusion. anyway Thank you for your help!😍
  14. Hi Today I bought a new phone and I want to install fiverr apps on it and login into it,is there anything problem? Thanks
  15. almost 1.5 years still its in beta mode…😥
  16. Don’t know one thing when available now feature active i got lot of order at least 3/4 order per day…but when its gone and still my gig are on 5no. page but I don’t get any order… last 4 days I used available now feature but now its show the error that High completion and satisfaction score…I saw many seller use this feature now…then what’s problem with me
  17. I don’t know what it is! many people got it back…and some people don’t :thinking:
  18. Today I complete a order buyer just mark the order complete but don’t give me review… why they don’t want to give review?
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