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  1. try to get some job from buyer request I think it will help you to boost up your gig
  2. try to work with the old one. if you do the good work you will get new order. Everything is depend on your skill
  3. Not well…everything is shut down…Trying to learn some new skill 🙂
  4. did everything right even getting order form buyer request but I don’t know still my every gig is on the last page…disappointed
  5. I was on first page and getting order everyday but recently A order was cancelled and after that my gig is gone from search result.How can I get back it on search…any tips? it was my first cancellation.
  6. yeah! old seller effected extremely…I saw many old seller are not getting order but they have huge review…for me this year is extremely bad…
  7. when I search logo design i saw many gig is on first page with low review (9/10) and so many gig they have so many review but they are not in first page.how’s is it possible,is there any trick to come first page?
  8. I’m 100% agree with you…but sometimes it takes 48hours…
  9. Sometimes it takes 48hours after editing
  10. Hi , Right now my gig is on first page when I search “unique logo design” …And I got huge impression last couple of days… But I didn’t got enough order…I can’t find the main problem…Is there anyone who can check my gig and tell me… But if you don’t have enough time, don’t check it… My question is If I Edit my Gig package description ,is there any problem?I mean is there any chance to lost my gig rank…Thanks
  11. yes I saw…its gone again…now I see it on first page using this keyword “unique logo design” Actually this year is extremely bad for me…I tried every possibilites but it didn’t work for me…everyday people click on my gig but they didn’t place any order…I don’t know what’s the main problem of my gig
  12. suppose when I put “logo Design” on search box fiverr recommended many keyword I selected less popular keyword…and then optimized it
  13. Don’t tell him anything…Fiverr don’t allow these things
  14. Recently My gig gone from search filter so I was so depressed that what should I do now. I’m a level two seller. So I tried many things for my gig ranking… But those are not working Then I select some best keyword which is mostly used nowadays, I used Fiverr search filter and take some best keyword and use them properly. And now my gig is rank on 1st page . So basically you have to do take some time at least 1week . Check Fiverr search filter and select best keyword which are mostly used now and then make a perfect gig. Hope it will help. Its just my opinion which is help me. So I thought I should share my opinion. That’s all… Thanks
  15. I’m a level Two seller, but I didn’t see any benefit…My sales are decreasing day by day
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