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  1. There must be a reason for it! Fiverr usually restricted those users who send or misuse texting service. For example, sending the mass text to other users for self-promotion.
  2. Fiverr considers that to be review manipulation, and it is 100% against the rules of Fiverr. If you do that, your account could be removed. Don’t do it. This what I told…Not to do it!
  3. How does this comment apply to a one-account user who chooses to both buy and sell from their one account? There is no way for one-account users to “manipulate” reviews, since they don’t have illegal second accounts to review. 😉 I meant reviews exchange with other seller!
  4. Yes, it is allowed as long as it is not for review manipulation purpose.
  5. Ask the fiverr support team about it. No one from here can help you with it!
  6. Here you go! You got your answer! Fiverr should have their own stander to ensure their platform quality and reputation. For once, I did not doubt that you did not work hard! You got promoted base on your account performance and you got demoted base on your account performance. This is the part of the business, you have a good day and bad day. Don’t think that I don’t get the unreasonable buyer? Yes, I do too. However, I prepared my self for it as Fiverr gave me almost two-month notice about this evaluation. I have modified my gig title, description and FAQ to avoid misunderstanding. Also, increased the price so I can work with the reasonable buyer. From my experience, the buyer who spends more is a reasonable and careful buyer then who spend less. I know, one day I might meet an unreasonable buyer and will get a bad review which might cause losing my level. But I accepted it, this is the part of the business and I need to accept it. Anyway, I understand your feeling and frustration but I can ensure you will not blame a platform for losing my level down because of some unreasonable buyer.
  7. I hope you really understand that Fiverr not only design for you! The new system is amazing as it will make sure the quality seller. It does not mean I am saying you are not. Everything should have a standard and finally, they introduced it. Fiverr did not screw you, few customer did. You got to level up in the past because you worked for it and fulfilled Fiverr requirements. Now, you got demoted because you did not fulfill Fiverr requirements, (don’t want to mention it that you did not work for it). So, accept it and move on. You are not alone, thousand is there who experiencing the similar situation. My self as a buyer and seller I think it is a great change for both buyer and seller. Buyer can get now more quality service and seller can have standout opportunity regarding level. Nothing is grated forever.
  8. Actually it enourage me to deliver my service soon so i can get paid early 😃
  9. For selling your gig (service) what marketing approch do you follow? May be you need to work on your gig msrketing.
  10. This simple things so many ex-top rated, ex 2 level seller not getting! Everyone, so over reacting.
  11. I can share my experience regarding this. I needed to cancel some orders because of the buyer (order mistakenly). So, I look at my gig title, description and FAQ part again and again. Then I modify those which can confuse a buyer or added more clarification. For example, I provide YouTube channel consultation service, but some buyer order that service for views. So, I mention it clearly in the description and FAQ that this gig not for views service. Also, I increased my price and stop providing $5, $10 service. After that, I never had any wrong order placement. When a gig price is high, I think buyer always look at the gig before ordering. Off-course, still, some buyer who order without reading. I don’t know how they can do it 🌵
  12. I got this response from Fiverr support team regarding the favorite issue. You can take a look,
  13. It is very strange! I also tried to add my own gig in the Favourite list but it did not let me! Maybe I should contact the Support team. Thank you very much for the pointing out!
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