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  1. I used to get orders regularly but I’ve hardly gotten any in the last 3 years or so 😦
  2. I was trying to create a custom order for a returning customer but nothing happened after I clicked “submit order”. Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. Yes, they evaluate our performance every month.
  4. My response rate keeps dropping too! I failed to answer one message in less than 24 hours a few months ago, but I have answered all messages since then, and my response rate keeps getting lower and lower!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your tips with us.
  6. Yes! The word “friend” should be reserved for people who are actually, you know, your friends.
  7. I really hope fiverr changes this. Clients can come back any time with new requests that you feel pressured to complete, because they may leave negative feedback if you don’t. If they’re getting free gigs, everyone loses! I’m a buyer too, and I think it is perfectly reasonable to have a time limit for leaving and modifying feedback.
  8. I really wish buyers had a time limit for leaving feedback. One of my bad clients has marked his order as complete, and now he is asking for more things via inbox. After having to deal with his requests and rudeness for a couple of weeks now, I just want to ignore him, but I’m sure he’ll leave a bad review!
  9. Thank you! Whenever I get messages like the ones you described in point #1, I politely decline them (or don’t answer if they’re really rude). Unfortunately, bad buyers can seem completely normal at first, and once you’ve delivered, start demanding free extras, rejecting work that is exactly as they requested… I usually don’t mind doing small modifications if the customer changes his or her mind, just don’t be rude about it and don’t make it seem like it was my fault.
  10. #5) Be Specific - Yes! It makes our job so much easier! The best buyer I’ve worked with sent me a Word document where she wrote all the specifics, even the names of the fonts the codes of the colours she uses on her website so I would’nt have to worry about matching or looking for the right font. That allowed me to use my time to just be creative! She loved what I delivered and didn’t need modifications. She even gave me my first tip. Don’t be the kind of buyer who asks a seller to slap a red ribbon on a banner and then complain that the red doesn’t match the colors, and make it look like it is the seller’s fault!
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