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  1. not a fan of the new font tbh. the letters/numbers don’t seem to share a uniform x-height which makes the letters look like they’re bouncing and it’s straining my eyes 😩
  2. super neutral on the logo tbh however HATE the new website font lol.
  3. I’m Brittany, live in the metro-Detroit area in Michigan (US). I spent years hopping from one job to another and finally figured out that working for someone else was not in my cards. Been successfully freelancing for four years now 🙂
  4. In addition to limiting revisions, I would include a section in your FAQ about what is covered under your revision policy. Too many times clients want a complete redesign and I clearly state that it is not covered and is additional. You can’t make people read, but it gives you additional protection as a seller.
  5. My dashboard keeps disappearing and I can’t make any deliveries since my attachments won’t upload. Hopefully this is minor and gets cleared up soon.
  6. I can’t even get my dashboard to load this morning if that makes you feel better lol.
  7. I keep a handful of Fiverr sellers that I refer clients to all the time. I believe it would only be against the rules if you are referring them off of Fiverr.
  8. If you don’t currently provide a PDF contract for the rights, I would start doing that. You can include a clause in the contract that allows you to utilize the piece for portfolio work which is what I do. If a buyer requests that be removed or an NDA or something like that, you can work it out on a case-by-case basis.
  9. I charge extra for the source file every time. I have clients who try to tell me that other sellers include it for free and I just tell them to work with that seller then lol.
  10. On a computer, you can either report the message from the inbox and block the user or go to the users profile and block from there (the block or report option is under the username).
  11. I have 40 incomplete orders in my queue lol. Incomplete orders don’t stack in your queue listing on your gig, just so you know.
  12. This is fine in Fairy Kingdom Fiverr. In reality, it would only work if Fiverr grayed out the revision button after revision requests have been exceeded. Good lord I wish they would do this.
  13. There will always be buyers who are going to want a quick turnaround no matter what the project is. It’s dependent on the seller to understand what the buyer is asking and assess their own abilities. You can only worry about yourself - what are your limitations? Reject work that you know you can’t deliver on. The buyer will move on.
  14. I am a font junkie. My boyfriend can’t stand me sometimes because I recognize a lot of fonts while we’re just walking around - “I have that font. I know what that one is. Oh I have that one too!” I buy a lot of font bundles as they’re going to be the best bang for your buck. I also have a monthly subscription to Creative Fabrica that gives me unlimited font downloads. A lot of the fonts on DaFont are on there which is A+ because my clients give me dafont links ALL THE TIME. I do a lot of tshirt designs catered to women, so handwritten scripts are an essential for me. Favorites include alley script, honey heart, natashabela, aerokids, and southwind script. Fonts that have a lot of glyphs are the ones that intrigue me the most.
  15. I use quickbooks self-employed. I’ve used it for the past three years/past two tax returns and it’s so easy. It comes with a phone app, you can connect it directly to your bank account to file through business deductions/personal expenditures. It also tracks mileage automatically and you can categorize those the same way for deductions. It’s $10 a month and I highly recommend it.
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