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  1. This is the response i received from a Fiverr Representative, i am shocked and asked them to manually review my conversations with both Buyers and Sellers. I am confident they will not find a Single Misbehavior from my side. Here is the CS response. “We have received several reports of unprofessional or improper behavior on your part from other Fiverr users. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. (This includes the placing of orders that involve hate speech or threatening language.) As a result, your account has been reviewed by our Trust & Safety Team, and permanently disabled”. What should I do Now?
  2. This wouldn’t mean much. Fiverr sometimes skims gigs during a review and misses things. They catch them on re-review later sometimes or they notice them if there is a complaint by a buyer or another seller. I understand this, but it’s pushing the envelope on what they allow even if it’s advertised as a free service. If it’s part of the gig description or package description, it’s part of the service. If they disabled your account entirely, I would think you wouldn’t have kept your levels either, but I don’t know what Fiverr saw on their end that made them ultimately do ths. @fonthaunt Thanks for your Explanation, I have send the CS a message & hopefully they will respond any time soon, will share all the feedback with you Guys.!
  3. @fonthaunt Yeah that could be the reason, but i was using thse gigs for almost an year now and fiverr approved it after a review.! Actually I used to delivered the Orders within 30 days, the 3 months work were just assisting the buyers if they have any SEO related issue.! Also, the fiverr seems to have revoked my level two & level one badge, what does that means?
  4. Yeah sure, i have send the CS a message & now waiting for their response, will share their feedback with you,! Thanks
  5. I was providing SEO related services, everything were going smooth, 60% of my customers were repeated buyers as they were happy with my work, but yesterday a Guy made a PP chargeback, that was the only problem i faced in few weeks.!
  6. May be, I had delivered 4 Orders late last week due to some personal reason and after that my “On time delivery” percentage dropped to 96% and then to 94% a day later.!
  7. this is the E-mail I received from the CS team. "We are constantly working on improving every aspect of our marketplace. Our dedicated team has reviewed your account activity and determined that it is in violation of our Terms of Service and/or other policies. As a result, this message is to let you know that your Fiverr account has been disabled. Any available balance that remains in your account after 90 days, will be available for withdrawal pending account verification and approval by our team."
  8. Hello Dear group Members.! I was a Level 2 seller & have delivered 425 Orders with 100% positive ratings, today Fiverr disabled my account without mentioning any reason. Please help me, How can I contact Customer Support.! I am so worried…!
  9. Fiverr Level System Updated, but what does ‘Next evaluation’ means?
  10. The Sellers who Enjoyed A large Number of “sales in Queue” are the Biggest Victims of “Available Now” feature. There is No Doubt the Buyers want & Prefer the Available & online sellers to get there work done Quick & Easily. The “Available Now” feature badly affected the Established sellers including me, I used to have around 10 “orders in Queue” but now i am not visible to The Buyers under the Available Now feature. I will be only visible if I have less than 5 orders in Queue. I would suggest the Fiverr to make the Limit 10 instead of “5 orders in Queue” to make it easy for the Old & Established sellers.
  11. @misscrystal Wao, we both are on the same page, i also Get minimum Order after Friday till sunday.Thanks for this Awesome Explanation.
  12. I am providing SEO services, Thanks for Quick response @jonbaas
  13. My Sales drops on weekends, is it happening to every one?
  14. There are many Buyers like that who is spamming the fiverr & Getting free work. Don’t Answer any more.
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