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  1. Hello Respected Fiverr, This is Aamir. I want to confirm one thing. Can I buy gigs here since I’m also a seller? If this allowed by you then it’s ok. If it is not allowed and against the Fiverr terms and conditions. Then I definitely follow T&C. please let me know
  2. Hello Sellers/Buyers! I want to know about team account. Please tell me how to use it? Thanks, aamiramin
  3. I will pray for you to get it out from this.
  4. Thank you for your advice but it was my returning client. I’m not getting new clients. There is another problem that I’m not getting relevant buyer requests.
  5. Dear Buyers/Sellers! I have a question. The question is about my sales. How to increase my daily sales. If anybody has any good tip for me please share it with me. And please check my gigs and tell me what is wrong with them and why I’m not getting orders. Looking for good suggestions and tips.
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