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  1. Hey guys The new Fiverr design is so beautiful, I really love these kinds of designs. The old one was also good but the top black bar was boring(I think). Thanks, Fiverr design team for updating the look of the Fiverr. Wish you all the best.
  2. You’re not getting replies because this is a boilerplate offer that doesn’t say anything about the request you’re bidding on. beautiful, secure and fast loading. Do you think others say that they build ugly websites that are not secure? 🙂You have over 6 years of experience. You’re saying the same thing on your profile, so there’s no need to repeat that in your offer and years don’t mean much in this industry. I’ve seen developers with 10 years of experience but their designs are outdated and they know nothing about user experience. Portfolio says more than years.The website you listed is OK, but is this relevant to the request? For example, if a buyer is looking for a website for their cafe, then I send them examples of cafe websites that I’ve built.You don’t need to waste characters on price and delivery time, it’s already shown under offer details. You have 800 characters to use, don’t waste them.In a nutshell, your offer is a template and not really tailored to the request. Personalize it! 😉 Thanks a lot it’s really helped me, the main thing i was looking for was the problem in my offer, you got it thanks
  3. Is this normal? I’m sending offers to every request that i can do, but i didn’t get any new customer from these 50 offers.
  4. Hi, I’m Baqi Aman and working in WordPress field. I’m sending offers to every buyer request that I can solve or create it, but I didn’t get any orders from buyer requests please help me if there is something wrong with my proposal text or something other is wrong there, Here is my main proposal Text: Hi, I can create beautiful, secure and fast loading website for online marketer. I’m Baqi Aman and making websites with WordPress since 2010 and this is my last website I’ve created with wordpress https://www.website.com/. I will create this website with the price of --$ and – days and with – revisions. Best Regards Baqi Aman I really appreciate your suggestion thanks
  5. Thanks all of you but I’m confused that from where to start? many thanks
  6. Hi to all fiverr fourm friends, about a month ago i joined the Fiverr and i offer wordpress services but i don’t get orders Would you please give me advice that how i can get orders Thanks in advance
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