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  1. Hi I am facing a big problem in my mind. I try to share with you. i hope you guys help me. I worked in fiver 2018 for few month. But I can’t continue it. Then I try to find a job. last 1 .5 years I was in corporate sector. But problem is every time I got a job ,I do it like 3 or 4 month and I feel bored with it and I tried to change it And I succeed. Thats why in one year I did job in 4 different types of company. last time at the very first of 2020, I got a job International call center, And for corona Pandemic my company is closed in this march and I lost this job. Now I am in my home and I have no work right now. At this situation sometimes I think I need to start work on fiverr again. At least I need to try one more time. But I can’t take decision what should I do. If you understand My situation,you can give me you true opinion and It will help me definitely to go in a decision. Should I start in fiverr work again or not. Thanks
  2. I get order from a buyer.I do buyer work properly and deliver it.Buyer accept my order so order is completed.But After 2 hours later I get Notification That Buyer Cancel this order without any message to me. Suggest me ,What can I do now?
  3. I am level one seller in fiverr.I get order but not regularly.It it 1 or 2 on a week.How can I improve my gig ang also get regular order? If you have any suggestion please tell me
  4. Hi everyone I work in fiverr. I am level one seller.But for my personal problem I can’t active fiverr in last 5 month.Now I want to come back in fiverr though I know this is very hard for anyone.I need some tips how can i come back in fiverr. And pray for me Thanks
  5. You should send your file by zip.whwn you do it buyer can use it.
  6. Hello everyone .I think All are fine.I see a new feature in fiverr.This is "Invite friends and earn 5$."Can you explain it.I want to know your experience Thanks.
  7. some buyer order me without any message and which is not include my gig.Also budget is low.What can I do in this situation.
  8. I complete 12 order.But I cancal 2 order.Is it any effect to my profile?
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