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  1. Not like that. Even customer support doesn’t provide valid reason for this.
  2. Suddenly I checked my promote gig is not active yet there is showing this message (Not promotable (Unqualified) ) But why I don’t understand. Does anybody have this kind of promote gig issue?
  3. Hi, Everyone, how are you? I need a suggestion I was seller two in fiver. My first-time Fiverr journey was really good. When I get the seller 2 labels then after my gig falling ranking down. I trying really hard to rank my gig or increase my gig impression but it’s not working anymore. I already contact support but no good result for me. I know it depends on my gig performance. I already change my all gig information preview images, gig title, description meta tags everything but not working. But the interesting thing is my friend has a Fiverr account and he was new so I helped him to create a gig and now his gig performance is really good!! So I suffer this king of problem 1.5 years already but no improve my gig impression or ranking. So please anybody give me a suggestion can I remove this old account and create new one? or what can I do now please anybody suggests to me it will be really helpful for me. Note: I have 105 Reviews and in my Fiverr account. Thank you
  4. Yeah you can then you need to use a desktop version browser like Dolphin browser or other desktop mode supported mobile browser then you can handle your project. Thank you
  5. It’s depends on Fiverr Roboot algorithm if anyhow robot :robot: caught you for using 2 account then your account will be disabled. My friends are using 2 accounts but they are not facing any kind of problem. But there is some friends they have told me there accounts were disabled for using 2 accounts. So it’s depends fully Fiverr robotic algorithm. This is really confusing actually So you need to Contact with Fiverr support it will be better for you. Thank you
  6. If you deliver a quality full product then client must give you a good review or maybe client need to check everything properly then he can come to send you a good review. it’s depend on your client mentality. Sometime client taken long time to give us a good review. so wait and move on your next target don’t worry about this. Thank you
  7. Also you need to focus on your service keyword this is very impotent for rank your gig.
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