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  1. If you want to succeed on Fiverr, you'd need to be Dynamic!

  2. Welcome to the community! Wish you a great journey with #Fiverr
  3. Hi, sorry to hear that! What was your seller level before receiving the Level-1 badge?
  4. Thank you so much for sharing the eBook. I also received this eBook today and it’s really amazing!
  5. Welcome to Fiverr Forum! Thank you for being a part of this great community and wish you good luck!
  6. It is explained here: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/what-is-rising-talent Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your experience!
  7. Ok, I see! I was also looking for the answer! Thanks 🙂
  8. Nope, you’d have to go through step-by-step. So, your path would be: New Seller > Level 1 > Level 2 Best of luck!
  9. I think you have taken the right decision here! If you don’t value your time, no one else will!
  10. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your advice and welcome to our Fiverr Community ❤️
  11. Hi, sorry to hear that you are not getting any orders even with a very good profile! I think you also know that this is a very frequent issue! From my observation, this is a very common scenario nowadays for most of the Popular Job Categories like graphic design, website design, data entry, and so on! We need to develop & improve our skills based on the current market demands and it’s a continuous process due to the rapid transformation in technologies. I’ve been working as a WordPress Designer for the past 7 years but still, I have been learning digital marketing from the last 3 months due to the higher competition on WordPress category. After learning digital marketing to a standard level, if I offer / provide wordpress website design and digital marketing services together then it would really make a difference with lots of other sellers who are only offering wordpress website design services. In fact, I have already started getting some potential clients with my combined knowledge so far and I’m really excited to do something great very soon! I hope you’ll start getting orders very soon! Keep rocking brother! Thank you, Hafiz
  12. A little creative math there using the averages (50%@ 40 hours, 22% @ 20 hours, 10% @ 60 hours - there’s 18% missing there for some reason) and you would come to the conclusion that in fact the average is around 37 hours! Overall there are big variations in the different quoted posts which makes it strange to put them all together in one post. It’s even stranger to only pick some of them to highlight them when there is such a variance in the data. I do appreciate that the links to the sources are there and that one can spend ages reading all of the sources but you then find that each of these has 3-6 sources of their own to then check and so on! Stats are there to be factual or as factual as possible and to clear up doubts. These stats presented like this make it extremely murky to say the least. Anyone writing (apparently you writers only write for 8 hours per week btw) an article like this would be better showing all of the data from each source together so it can be compared. eg. Clockify says x, y and z are at 20, 30 and 40% whereas Inc. says x, y and z are at 10, 20 and 30% so the reader can then decide which source is more credible. That’s how stats are supposed to be used! (Unless of course you have a point you want to make for whoever commissioned you) I just loved your this statement ❤️
  13. Sir, my question was “[How to reply to a negative review which is unfair?]”, not how to get positive feedback after receiving a negative review! Anyway, I got my answer already! Thanks for your reply.
  14. Yeah I know that. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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