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  1. You should never turn on vacation mode but instead you should raise delivery time and prices too high.
  2. I had same error… PRoblem was when you use VPN or PRoxy which gives IP address from another country or changeable IP address over a time than fiverr forbids And gives 403 error.I turned of VPN and then everything was fine!!! Dont use proxy or vpn while submitting your delivery !
  3. Buyer can rate upto 30 days. After that option will be gone. So always rate your purchases soon enough.
  4. Hi fiverr community. I want to make my gig express one, i do deliver in 24 hours. I want to know how to convert it into express and i have received warning by fiverr once , can it deny my eligibility of express gig? Please help me.
  5. Oh great info. I encountered top buyer thrice and they are all good and friendly. Feel lucky if you encounter top buyer anytime.
  6. Thank you so much for guidance, i will keep in mind. Yes. More cancelation more down the gig written in fiverr policy but still it is acceptable as it only affects 60 days. My harassment guys will be tired one day. One more question, mutual cancelation always cancels order? , sorry as i am a newbie here, having little tough time to understand things.
  7. I had a buyer in fact they still exists. They orders a gig and leave negative feedback. Evertime i go little up they put negative feedback and bring my gig down. How to stop them? Can anyone guide me? They are taking revenge in malicious way to me. Mutual cancelation affects our gig status? Even if i go for mutual cancelation, they will keep purchasing gig and cancelation rate will be high which in turn puts down my gig. What to do, i am extremely harassed and i have almost stopped working on fiverr.
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