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  1. Congratulation brother! I am happy for you that you achieved a level!
  2. So nice of you, to share your personal experience with me. I want to add that, " You cannot request a customer to change his/her review. It’s against ToS. Even if you cancel an order and refund to the client through customer support service. If you tried, you may get warning"
  3. Maybe you need to re-check your gig? We can see only one package for 5$ and it is offering a source file :thinking: there is no premium package. I attached a screenshot for you here if your gig. 6B10FA63-6FA5-4BE9-B164-297942917044.jpeg1242×2688 655 KB Thanks for letting me know, about some points that needs attention. I am really gonna fix it!!
  4. Maybe you need to re-check your gig? We can see only one package for 5$ and it is offering a source file :thinking: there is no premium package. I attached a screenshot for you here if your gig. 6B10FA63-6FA5-4BE9-B164-297942917044.jpeg1242×2688 655 KB I separately charge $10 for source file.
  5. Then sellers shouldn’t agree. Buyers can try to do whatever they want but it’s up to you to say no. If someone is asking me for a discount I’m just replying that it’s already discounted prices exclusively for fiver and prices are final. That’s it. If they start begging more I’m just blocking them. If they start demanding more stuff during the order I just point out that it’s not part of the order and they can add it as an extra to our order. That’s it. Polite and nice. You don’t need to confront buyers, you just need to politely point out on their order details. That’s it. If some sellers agreeing for terms that buyer dictates them then it’s a sellers problem. If you don’t feel comfortable you should never agree. It’s all about communication. I had some unhappy clients that demanded a lot of things for free and still left good reviews even though I refused adding those things for free. I had clients who were placing 20$ orders and we were upgrading to 120$ Because what they asked wasn’t included in the initial order. It’s all about you and your communication. Fear of a bad review wouldn’t take you far. All freelancers knows that even if they provide the best service in the world there will be one or 2 people that’s just generally unhappy or your style didn’t match there expectations and that’s normal. Not normal if you are constantly afraid to do a bad job which means that you are not good at what you are doing. Agreed with the most points you discussed above What I learn is; “You should be polite to the buyer, but not too much, to forget your personal limitations” “You should be flexible, but not too much” “You should stay straight forward”
  6. Totally agreed! But when a buyer does not satisfy with the work, he must ask for the refund or cancellation.
  7. In your gig " I Will Put Your Logo Or Design On A Laptop, Tshirt, Mug, Bus As A Mockup", it says: " $5 Order Details Your LOGO on any STUFF you want Multiple Concepts + 3D Mockup + Full Editable Source file + Ready for Print + Custom Support" It does look like you offer the source file, even though you also have it as an add-on. SO, you can’t blame the buyer for demanding it, when it’s right there in the details that you wrote yourself. In basic package I did not provide the source file, I provide a source in a premium package right! There is clear difference between the price of basic and premium pancakes. 🙂
  8. Too many sellers manipulated the system in the past by exchanging refunds for feedback removal, so they could keep a perfect rating. Then buyers complained that the ratings couldn’t be trusted, because everyone seemed to be a 5 star seller, and yet they had several terrible experiences with so-called 5 star sellers who turned out to be completely incompetent, scammers, or both. And so, Fiverr decided that reviews were there to stay, and that you couldn’t even ask the buyer why you got that review. EDIT: There were also buyers who abused the system, they would give the seller 5 stars, and then demand more services for free, otherwise they’d change the feedback to 1 star. Now they can’t do that, because feedback can’t be changed. Just because of that kind of sellers, the whole system is manipulated. I don’t understand why they create a gig with less cost (Even they don’t have a proper skills)
  9. It means that…buyer is playing with the seller…and they will whenever they want. They came to inbox, and ask for the favor, to charge them less. When you refuse them, they start begging. In the end, they also ask you to provide him a source file for free (As i charge for source file separately) And then they will ask, for the revisions (seller do the revision) I am sure, there are kind of buyer out there, mostly who ask seller to charge him less (In most cases the seller, agree!) They have no other job, but trapping seller !
  10. The same thing, I said…If a buyer ask you to cancel order. you have to. You cannot refuse. Otherwise, you’ll be rewarded with a negative review.
  11. @mariashtelle1 Oh God! I read somewhere, there was writtten…if you request customer support to help you out", they will" I wish, If it helps!!
  12. Hope you all are fine. As a seller, I requested customer support to cancel the completed order. The Order is cancelled now. When will the buyer review disappear from my Profile? As the order is completely cancelled and I refund tot the Buyer!!
  13. Fiverr has metrics that need to be achieved in order to push sellers to be excellent sellers. If a buyer asks you to cancel a completed order, just say “no”. You did the work, you deserve to get paid for it. The more you agree to cancel, the more your cancellation rightfully goes down. If you don’t want the cancellation rating to go down, don’t agree to cancel completed orders. In this situation, he will leave a negative review which also spoil the seller profile. How can seller avoid this. And also refuse to cancel the order.
  14. You can watch your gig views…Thats the same thing.
  15. there are 3 possible ways; 1-PayPal 2-Payoneer 3-Direct bank transfer Paypal isn’t available in Pakistan. You can use both remaining options.
  16. Hope you all are fine. I have a question about cash withdraw. Fiverr give us, 3 options for withdrawal. 1-PayPal 2-Payoneer 3-Direct Local Back Transfer My first question is: What is the process of cash withdrawal through Direct Local Bank Transfer? And the Second question is; Can we use both services, at the same time for cash withdrawal? i.e Payoneer and Direct Local Bank Transfer I mean, Is it possible to use Payoneer for online shopping otherwise direct bank transfer?
  17. Thank you so much @humanissocia, Your suggestion really means a lot me. 🙂
  18. Anyway, enough said, I think. You’ve already received tons of help. Now, it is up to you to decide what you’re going to do with all the help/info. you’ve received. Good luck! ❄️ Is it really fair to blame someone for the content and identity? I asked for the help that how can I improve my profile. Not to judge my ID content by making someone’s assumption. {either it’s real or fake} Thanks for being nice to me, Actually I was hurt when {someone assume negative about me} 🙂
  19. Thanks for your comment. @zeus777 There is no lie, I already mention above. What really is, the truth. And I am not here for [People blaming me for their assumption]. I am fine with, What I have. By the way, thank you so much for your valuable time.
  20. It is painfully obvious that you lack the requisite English skills to be an English proofreader/editor on Fiverr. You might be better off offering proofreading/editing services in your native language. Buyers are no fools. They can see right through your facade. Even if you end up receiving an order for your proofreading/editing gig, chances are that you will end up with a negative review. When that happens, no buyer will want to buy from your account ever again. Think wisely. 👍 Thanks for the suggestion @hanshuber16. I will be more careful about it!
  21. @miiila I wasn’t responding as you said “No need to tell me…” Yes I did that… because the content belongs to my friends profile. I took permission before copying and pasting it there under my gigs. Before this, I wrote a description of 785 words, but not working well.Then I asked my best friend [College fellow] to help . He himself told me to do this. Yes, I proudly do it, with the support of my best friend.
  22. Alright @miiila, Let me change the description first and then I will respond you!
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