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  1. I know, but what to do if he mixup it with the work to do now, or he may say to Fiverr as he did not completed the work, but the work on Fiverr is completed a year ago. Can Fiverr cancel such orders on the saying of buyer just like, “He did not complete the work”.
  2. Hi, hope you all are well, I am working on Fiverr since 2017, and I got a client in 2018 on Fiverr and did 2, 3 projects successfully. Even I did some FREE work for him. recently with 2 projects, he is irritating me like some extra work without cost, sometimes not giving login detail to do work and saying you have it, and I said the login I have is not working anymore so send me again, and he is quarreling with me, very rude behavior. Also, he threatened me once that if you don’t work like that, or not work with me, I will show your WhatsApp chat to Fiverr. Please note that I did not send him any other contact, He maybe got it from my portfolio work. Even I swear I did payment only on Fiverr, it’s on the record on Fiverr and I can show if needed. I NEVER BREAK RULE OF FIVERR FOR SHARING CONTACT. and also I replied few messages, that now he threatening me to close my account. I just wanting to know, how to handle this situation? When I asked him how you get my contact, he saying from the portfolio website. I said it’s against Fiverr policy, and we agree to make payment only on Fiverr. and we have proof. Now the main issue is, I developed his website one year ago, and he completed it and mark the order as completed. but now, he said this thing is not working, change this text, changes this, etc. but as it passed one-year plus, he wanted to do these extra things FREE OF COST. If I ask him to pay, he may go to Fiverr and cancel the order, but it is completed already as per the requirement he sent that time. I have proof. Kindly suggest to me what to do in this situation? Thanks. I am worried about this situation,
  3. Thank you for your suggestion, but now they both have reviews, so i can’t delete one of them,
  4. LOL, You are seeing profile of Topic creator, and i am not that. My profile is https://fiverr.com/mss009
  5. Thank you checking. can you point out where is grammar and spelling mistake? so i will correct?
  6. Ok Good, I also have added a video, but that gig still going down in impression.
  7. Also can you have a look on my profile and point out whats issue? thanks
  8. I have also tried, but not more, to avoid spamming. can you tell me please what websites are good to share fiverr gig there ? thanks
  9. I am also not getting proper orders since 3 years, from when i created my account. in 3 years i only completed 140 orders, seller two, all positive reviews. but still not getting proper orders, 1 or 2 order in a month maximum, or even 1 or 2 month i am not getting a single order from new client. I have updated gigs according to ALL tips that are giving experts like change title add keyword in title, in description, custom image, image name should gig title etc. but still no impressions. But i get a point that, Only those gigs are up that have 2 or 3 orders in queue. But how we can get order to put in queue?
  10. Thanks for all your answer, how i can close this question? as i got my answer. thanks
  11. That’s not what your first post says. It says what if you learn another skill. Scenario are same, if i learn and make, or if anyone want to work. the main thing is to know if it possible to make two different accounts for different niche on same network. that’s it. thanks
  12. Be serious, its not a joke, i was just asking. and its a reality if some one inspired with my earning and want to start work in my relative. that’s why i was asking. and i also heard from people that Fiverr allow 2 accounts if they are different niche and even they are two brothers. that’s why i want to confirm. I NEVER BREAK RULES.
  13. If it’s really two different people, not one person pretending that they and their 50 cousins are all working on Fiverr. Also, even if it’s really 2 different people offering different services, it’s necessary to get permission from Customer Support first, otherwise both account will be permanently banned. Considering that you said this the answer to your question is No, because it wouldn’t be 2 family members, it would be you pretending to be 2 people. Ok thanks for your great answer.
  14. Oh, Sellers are more than buyer. Then Good. thanks
  15. I have read. But some are saying that Fiverr allowing two accounts on same IP and Same Network for two different niche. As maybe in a family 2 persons are working on fiverr. in that case. I think fiverr should allow this. also if we are sharing internet with two or three neighbours, then its mean they all can’t work on fiverr? that not a good sign for Fiverr.
  16. Ok, and if we are sharing the internet, and someone other make account on same internet connection then it may create issue?
  17. Hi, Can i use two different Fiverr account for different niche on a same IP and same laptop even on same browser? For example, if currently i am working with Web development. and I learned SEO or some other graphic design or content writing. then can i make a separate account for specific for these services? so then 1st account is for Web Development and the second account is for only SEO or Graphics. But can i use without any hesitation on same laptop, same IP, Same network, and same browser ? I actually don’t want to create gig under a web developer account. I need to remain in a specific niche, don’t want to rush and all type of gigs in a web development account. thanks
  18. He wasn’t your friend, apparently. Friends don’t do that. Document (make screenshots of) everything (conversations, the delivery, the site that actually works, everything). If you read the forum, you will see that there re sellers who were given their money back once they sent the proof that the work was done as advertised. And stop offering unlimited revisions. Fiverr tends to side with buyers who say that they haven’t received it all if the seller offers unlimited revisions. If you offer unlimited revisions, you have to keep working on the order and deliver whatever the buyer asks for, or you risk a cancellation (and that can happen even after the order was marked as complete). Thank you so much for this great tip.
  19. Guys, i just want to how prevent and stay safe from such buyers. thanks
  20. Sharing off Fiverr contact is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Make sure to carefully read and abide by the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account. I did not, he just was friend, and i refer him to use fiverr. we all discuss about project only on fiverr. but he just say that for threatening you do my extra work else i will show it. he was my class fellow and we know before the fiverr. I am not breaking any rule. thanks
  21. You can stop breaking the rules, for starters, and never communicate with clients outside of Fiverr unless you have the permission from Customer Support. If you need assistance, ask the client to talk to you via Fiverr. That way, the dishonest ones won’t be able to blackmail you (plus you won’t get banned from Fiverr for breaking the rules). Sir, i did not break any rule. i just clear all the thing. i just wanting to avoid this. why anyone not getting my point. i simply saying. any client can easily cheat the fiverr and also seller. and why fiverr is not supporting sellers. if cancelled the order, fiverr also gets money and buyer also gets money, but it spoils the seller. and this thing is wrong. i simply saying that, change the policy about it.
  22. It’s up to you to know how to do this so that this doesn’t happen. How does fiverr know the job was done? I don’t know how but others who do what you do have ways to make sure this doesn’t happen. I’ve seen it mentioned on the forum in the past. Deliver all the files to them using the delivery button, as a first step. Tell them that installing the files is their job, unless you are paid separately for that. Keep a working copy of the site on your own server. I’m not an expert in this but I’ve seen this discussed by others who do websites, how to deliver the site. I was have a copy, even i was recorded videos when i was working. still fiverr not accepted. I know fiverr don’t know work is done. but is it not a thing that a client comes, we do work, he gets all files, he save outside, and then cheat easily? what steps we do to prevent this type of fraud and cheater? is it enough we save all files on our own server and show to fiverr? is it all safe thing to prevent this? thanks
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