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  1. Yes, Please wait for this…Bug will solved in short time. Thanks
  2. Hello, Anyone tells me a problem in this Gig. Because I am not getting orders on this. Please gives me some tips Here my GIG
  3. Please give me tips for my data entry gig!! If there is any fault then please tell me Please click my “GIG” Here my GIG Really Thanks for your time.
  4. Try to send request point to point statement and provide all files that buyer mention in the request. Thanks
  5. Send request to minimum budget. May be help you in getting orders
  6. Refresh your Page. May be it will appear Thanks
  7. Promote your gig on #Twitter or any other social app with hashtag. Thanks
  8. I am facing same problem but not everytime. Sometime I got 4-6 orders at same time but not everytime
  9. Its not scamming because everyone waiting for buyer request. Everyone trying to send buyer request ASAP. Thanks
  10. You can update your gigs after a week and also see regularly view impression. Also send buyer request when they one. One day you will recieved Thanks
  11. Send buyer request regularly. You will get order one day. Be patient
  12. Anyone Help? Please view my gig and told my fault? Thanks
  13. Hello, I am not receiving any orders. Please suggest any tips. Please check my GIG
  14. If you cancel order then your completion rating become low and also effect on your profile. It is better to take someone help. Thanks
  15. Hello, HELP!!!I am very worried about my gig. I haven’t received my order. I got 2 orders now with a repeat buyer but not a new buyer. Please see my gig and told me about my gig how can I improve? Please click on GIG
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