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  1. Same here!!! 😥 Getting order with same …not another
  2. Hello, I need help from experts. I have 500+ reviews but still struggling to gets order. I have do many changing on my gig but no effect. Please solve my query. Please preview my GIG or https://www.fiverr.com/share/VrvjpY Thanks for your time
  3. Its buyer choice to show her/him work on sellers live portfolio
  4. Welcome to fiverr and Fiverr Forum as well. Hope so Gets alot from Fiverr
  5. It’s heartbreaking to read things like this happening. I’m so sorry you had this happen. It was probably over a $5 order too. 😥
  6. Same here… One buyer ask me to check sample first. I work for hin still 4 5 hours. He also like sample but in the last ye said to me Here night so we talk in morning . After that he disppeared 😢
  7. Active more and send buyer request daily.
  8. I also deal with one buyer like this,I gave him 50 revisions and allast they cancel order.
  9. Please refresh your buyer request page because it cannot come all time and when buyer request came then note time. Its for new sellers
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