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  1. Thank you all for your comments, it’s very enlightening! Actually my post didn’t mean to say that designers who do a logo for 5$ are any less “professional” than myself so sorry if I sounded that way. In fact, I was amazed by the quality of many “5$” logos out there… I never truly thought about the reality in other parts of the world. You know, I’m from Canada and here the minimum legal wage is about 10$ an hour. In here, people working at 10$ an hour can’t hope for much, it’s just not enough for decent living. I guess 10$ an hour is probably a lot in other countries. But in my reality working more than 20 minutes for 5$ is just not worth it. And as “professional” as I may be, I need much more than 20 minutes to do a good logo. I guess it’s the good and bad of connecting the whole world through the Internet! Sometimes we, in the Western world" are the loosers, and it’s probably fair enough.
  2. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand here, but I’m a professionnal designer and there’s just NO WAY I will design a logo for less than 500$… What about 5$?? Even if I put no time into thinking and researching (which anybody designing a logo should do…) I don’t think I could create a decent logo for less than 3 hours of work. So unless you guys are super-illustrator-machinelike-fast-logo-creator, then you evaluate 3 (or more) hours of work to about 5$??? This is juste NONSENSE!!! You guys are making designers’ time, skills and experience worth NOTHING! There’s no word to describe what I think of this, it’s so incredibly wrong. From my point of view, you guys just make Fiverr more profitable on the back of all true professionals. Any other point of view to make me see some light in that poor situation?
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