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  1. I have had return buyers but as i was busy since last year so i lost most of my regular buyers and now relying on buyer requests which i am not getting much good to bid on.
  2. What if we don’t find relevant Buyer requests to our gigs, as it been more than 1 month i am not getting orders and not good buyer requests as well.
  3. So they Allowed you to make new one? Well lucky you were!! other wise they keep on disabling new accounts of same person happened with one of my friend.
  4. Are you serious? I think making more than 1 account is not allowed here.
  5. So did you got your funds back after contacting Fiverr Cs??
  6. Exactly, and i have just reported that message as inappropriate. Thanks
  7. i said buyer, because i applied on his request from buyer requests. Also i have seen his profile seems like he is a seller and a buyers as well.
  8. Buyer want me to fill a form with my email address and says after filling form i need sign a non disclosure form, Is it safe to fill that form. i have no idea please guide
  9. Thanks, For all of your advice i decided not to take risk and simply refused him to do this job and told him the reason too but he don’t believes at all even he told me that he had done 300 orders on 1 account and 295 on the other account.
  10. "Searching for someone to enter my Fiverr and send to me each thing I’ve purchased… " which is in short his buyers information, almost 100s in number. So can i do this job for him as i have to open his account on my laptop and fiverr only allows 1 account at 1 system that i have heard i am afraid if my account gets in trouble if i do so… or not?? Plz Answer me if any one knows
  11. Its back now ! I was too facing this bug but now its there.
  12. Fiverr Revenue card option is not appearing why?
  13. Was average month for me too as may be this month i get back my level 2 badge !
  14. I am not able to figure out why its happening with me i am trying to maintain it since from December i have not cancelled any order. January, when i lost my Level 2 badge my order completion rate was 86% And even yesterday i made it to reach 90% . But as at the same day evaluation took place and i lost Level 1 badge too 😦 . Anyways i just thought that i will get this back but what happened today ! it again dropped to 89% even i haven’t made any sale or cancellation.
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