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  1. If you edited the files (or pictures) they sent you and they have disappeared, that’s because you’ve already done your part of the job - just didn’t get paid for it. I know it’s difficult as a new seller but NEVER do anything for free. It’s not your communication skills - it’s just that you probably failed to see that they’ve exploited you. (Or if you meant that you showed them your previous work, then it’s possible that they just didn’t like it which happens.)
  2. I would (assume so but not 100 percent sure) that if each and every person who you’ve messaged would report you, you would probably get another warning (if not a ban for repeatedly doing it). I’m often on the other end of these messages and quite frankly I’m not sure how people don’t know that this is not allowed! Why would you message other sellers who are your competition for work? I think it might be worth it to wait a couple days and see if you are reported again. CS might have mercy on you but this IS pretty evident (in the ToS) so I’m not sure.
  3. Not just on fiverr but in life in general as well. Choose your battles. I used to butt heads with buyer’s when I first started (I admit it was a little silly) and often still lost - sometimes it’s easier to cancel an order when it’s obvious that things aren’t going to work out (or when someone is driving you mad.) But do fight for yourself when you need to (buyers requesting extra without paying, etc. Etc. Just don’t… Stress over it too much.) And of course, the ever-so-true only offer something you are good at! It might be obvious but some people still need to learn it. (And I also took my time finding what I was decent and and what is something I don’t enjoy / struggle with). (And sleep. Don’t stay up 24/7 waiting for miracles. Whether you’re awake or not doesn’t matter.)
  4. Honestly I think in this case the guy set you up - he probably knew that you’d get banned if you don’t do what he asks you (even though he forced you to add him). Unfortunately CS doesn’t seem to understand being pushed to providing your info - you’ve agreed to the rules, so you should follow them which MAKES sense (and you should…) but this is still pretty messed up…
  5. Unfortunately if he hadn’t made an order yet and you gave him your info that was still a ToS violation). However, the way you got banned when you were clearly put on the spot (emotionally blackmailed, and then harassed) is exactly the issue with fiverr right now. Did you provide proof to fiverr (not just about the person reporting you but his friends / etc.?) What did they say?
  6. I’ve been on and off fiverr for the past few years (but had a full-time job + language school on the side so wasn’t all that active). I noticed that the summer (when I was often the busiest, go figure) was usually decent. September/October last year was pretty slow (that was when I started to take freelancing seriously, so maybe that’s why). November was a bit better and quite frankly for me, December and January have been GREAT so far, but I do think it depends on what you do, how many sellers are in that category (and in general just, life, I suppose).
  7. That’s actually something I didn’t know (well, didn’t really research it either!) definitely will eat more eggs 😃 (and probably snack on cheese and sunflower seeds :D) I did notice having issues with my eyes since I am in front of the screen a lot, so… thank you 🙂
  8. I’m curious about that tea, I admit! I have a licorice-y tea coming in the mail at some point this week (hopefully) but I’m not even sure I’ll like that one! Caffeine is a hit or miss for me as well - and wine just makes me sleepy which isn’t great for work 😃 Apple cider works though sometimes when I’m working on my other stuff or chatting with other writers 😃
  9. I like a macchiato in the morning but only in Italy - coffee here just doesn’t pack the same punch! I’ve seen a couple energy drinks online that promise ‘no crash’, none of that weird (umami, I guess) taste that I can’t stand, but I’m torn on them since I can’t stand the rest, so… I mostly drink when writing for fun / for myself (not for work!) (on another note, I’m pretty sure I saw Dr Pepper in some of the bigger whatstheirname, one of the main supermarkets - maybe Coop? But that was over a year ago so it might have been just a temporary thing for the summer. Hungary is the same, we have a very small selection of soda here which can be a bit of a drag (since I’m very picky):
  10. Money’s definitely my motivation - but it doesn’t wake me up in the morning / keep me focused (although it does help. I don’t think I could work this much if I wasn’t paid for it, so I have to agree!) It’s still interesting to see what people drink / eat while working though!
  11. I’ve been listening to a lot of ‘aesthetic’ music lately, but I can’t do too upbeat or I’ll be dancing, too! I’m really into French music lately, but I sing along, so… not very helpful haha!
  12. Ahaha, no… I mean, me too haha but trying to change that habit! Dark chocolate is good though for sure!
  13. I’m writing this while sipping my (heavily caffeinated) tea that will keep me active the night (hopefully!). That made me wonder - when you all work long hours (or just regular hours really) in front of the screen, how do you keep yourself energised? I know many people drink energy drinks but I can’t with the taste! Are you team coffee, tea - or maybe even wine? I’m trying to switch to keeping some healthy snacks in the office as well (aka my bedroom…) like carrots / cucumbers or even just granola - being stuck inside here has proven it hard to keep a healty diet!
  14. Great! If you don’t mind, could you let me know what they say? I’m quite curious (and as a writer I recognise it as a pretty popular genre.)
  15. I contacted CS when I found two (very explicit) buyer’s requests a week or so ago, mostly to check in as the ToS does say writing erotica (or anything NSFW really) is forbidden. Lo and behold CS said that the BRs were allowed which makes me assume that erotica is fine as well. (The issue here is that fiverr has sellers and buyers age 13 and up so without all of the gigs / BRs that request such services being monitored it can be pretty dangerous to younger people.). That being said I’d definitely double (and maybe triple) check with CA and screenshot whatever they tell you so you can use it as proof in case anything happens!
  16. I’ve noticed the same with myself - 2-3 days a week I’ll have a brilliantly clear mind that lets me just fly through my work… The rest won’t be so easy. What helped me tremendously was joining a group of writers who sprint together on a daily basis! It helps me get into the mindset (is not always crystal clear but much better!) Unfortunately something that doesn’t help my creativity (and productivity) is how I haven’t been sleeping all that well - I do sleep a ‘lot’ but can hardly sleep until really late (well, early) at night, so by the time I’m up and ready to work in the morning it’s past lunch! I’m trying to alter this - and will be trying to exercise (we have a garden, so I could easily just jog in there!) I switched coffee to tea (‘fancy’ tea) which also helps somewhat I believe (it might easily be placebo though!) All in all there’s still a lot I’ll have to change when it comes to my work (and routine, mostly really) but I’m much better than when I started writing ‘full’ time(ish) in November!
  17. Yes, but only because I don’t have an ‘actual job’ right now- that being said where I’m at, what I earn is enough to get me by (but it’s still only the second month like this, so who knows ^^) I will be publishing my own works / working on other projects as well as time goes on but for now this is okay.
  18. They exist! But they are all over the web. I was mostly trying to joke about them this time, no ‘hard feelings’ for once. I do settle things with CS when anything happens (although the last one has been a while back) and report sketchy BRs just in case. I’ve gotten much better at dealing with them but some others might have it worse, I don’t know!
  19. I don’t think I’d leave my job unless I had a steady flow of orders for at least 1-2 months (I waited as well, although for me I had no choice but come back home for health reasons). If you are contacted a lot by potential buyers and have to turn them down due to lack of time - it might be a good idea. However, if you can still juggle the two then it might be best to wait. Fiverr is unpredictable sometimes (in my experience).
  20. Oh no, the Stalker Creep! I met a few of them here - the block button is really the only way to repel them!
  21. Sometimes I wish I could wash my eyes with bleach - but the jungle has none of that! I think they pop up from time to time, many of them aren’t too bad but I’ve seen / been messaged by a lot who were… on the creep side (I’m not going to provide screenshots here but trust me they exist!)
  22. The NSFWs Often found lurking in the jungle that is the Buyers’ Request section, these buyers will make anyone blush with their requests! Often harmless, they are more likely to accept offers (or find) female sellers. Have the potential to evolve into CREEPS. CREEPS When NSFW FIENDS’ requests go unheard for too long, they might evolve into CREEPS. These buyers were hunt down unsuspecting (mostly female) sellers and often order services they are not likely to provide. Unlike NSFWs, CREEPS might pose danger to the seller population and should be handled with care. (not as funny as I thought they’d be but… still realistic(?)
  23. I feel like a lot of this depends on what you offer - some gigs take a while to get seen due to there being too many on the market. My most unique gig (there’s only a few around for now although it seems to be getting popular) had a lot of impressions from the get-go (but not a huge amount of sales until recently). Make sure that your gigs are well thought-out, (and decently written), check the buyers’ request section to see if there’s anything you could do… Try to be unique and original. I think these things might help (but I do think it depends on what you offer. A writer’s tips might not work for a designer…l
  24. I think by offering free work instead of bringing in buyers you’re just showing them that you have very little respect for yourself (and your work). In the end, we are trying to be (well, we are) professionals, right? It sounds like a good idea to have ‘sales’ but will people who need top-notch content trust you? I really don’t think so unfortunately. That being sad, you could try to offer work in a language you’re more comfortable in - your English isn’t too bad (and you can always improve!) but I don’t think it’s enough to get work as a writer (English is my second language, too and French / Italian are my third. I’d never work in French or Italian knowing that my grammar is not quite there yet). That being said, writing in another language could be useful for you in the sense that it’s harder to find someone who doesn’t just write in English! Be creative with what you offer!
  25. I’ve been on and off fiverr for a couple years (travelling didn’t permit me to keep writing all that often, so I had to choose between the two) and once I’ve settled down again, it was fairly easy to pick things back up even though I’ve had my share of bad reviews / imperfect gigs! I do think people need a fair amount of luck (I like to say I’m fortunate although I’m still starting out in many ways) but I don’t think there’s a surefire way to suddenly get popular / make a lot of money. It takes time and effort. (and you’re completely right, staying up 24/7 does nothing… other than make people crabby haha.) I hope that newbies will find this and benefit from it!
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