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  1. I move around a lot=know people around the world=often have to stay up late if I want a chat with my friends. Some people might just be waiting for a call or even just.. better at working at night. Fiverr is 'business' but it's not exactly the same as as an office in the sense that there are no set hours. Many of my European clients write to me after work hours OR during the weekend since they aren't working. While I try to stick to a 10-18 schedule right now I'm often in the office after as well - or all depends on inspiration for me (I just try to have a base schedule for me so that I can hang out with people/go out / etc. in the evening. 

    However, I realize that some people don't have the chance to write during the day. Ignoring them (or asking why they are messaging me at 2AM to ME personally would be rude. Just because I want to have the evenings off so I can watch movies and hang around, doesn't mean others have the same luxury. (...or, simply, they can just be nocturnal. But I do believe usually there is a reason.) 

    Will I tell them I'm about to sleep (Or I'm outside and not near my laptop) if needed? Sure. Likely, they'll just send me what they wanted to talk about and I'll have a look the day after. 

    (as for business communication - I work on video games a lot and trust me...not much formal communication going on there. Fiverr, I believe, seems a lot more laidback to some people and I like that. If someone talks to me formally I'll reply the same way, but if they are informal, I'll do the same. Feels weird to chat formally in this industry to be fair (but some people are from countries where it's normal and that's okay, too.)


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  2. 54 minutes ago, marketing_byte said:

    Now all I can do is get back to the way it was before.

    But - let's be honest here - were you getting CONSISTENT orders? I've checked out your profile and it seems like you're not an old seller - you've been on here since May, this year AND only have a few reviews/etc (which is fine!) Unless you're talking about another account (that, of course, is against the TOS, but you never know...)

    My point is, I don't see the state of 'before' on your account. It looks to me as if you've had about the start that many other people do - I don't necessarily see a big break in the reviews (unless the orders were made muuuch earlier and finished much later, which of course I can't see.)

    I'm personally not a fan of your gig images - maybe getting some 'neater' looking ones could help? Not sure though - as to me it just seems like you have lots of competition on the site (like we all do). 

  3. 14 minutes ago, newsmike said:

    Are a good deal of the messages you get from previous buyers, who may have you gig saved, as opposed to finding you via browsing/searching?


    That's what I'd assume as well (should have specified). I've never had contact with these people and quite a few seem to be completely new to the site (not all, though). It's not a HUGE amount of messages, but there's only so many words I can write in a month (without going mad!) so it's already a lot (enough that I have to say no to things I'm not keen on writing. 


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  4. I admit, it took me a few months to figure this out because I don't really pay - that - close attention to my impressions/clicks but yesterday my impressions hit an 'all-time' low (well, at least for this year). The only reasin it's odd is that I've been getting the same amount of messages as always, even as the impressions were dipping down. I've seen this happen a few times but always thought it to be a fluke - however this time the gap in impressions (from max to now) is big enough that I'd assume there would be... no messages right now what so ever!

    (I don't advertise on social media nor do I stay online more than required although it's already too much I'd say...)

    I did notice that my impressions are lower when I have lots of orders in queue (which is definitely the case right now, especially with moving/etc. I let a few things pile up but... things are calming down so I'm back to work fully now!) But... it doesn't seem to affect actual messages/orders. I do believe when I go to Poland for a conference next week (...it might be about video games...) I will have to pause my gigs and raise prices a little again as demand is becoming 'too much' but that's another thing!

    (okay, that got a bit rambly over there.)

    My point is that - in my case - impressions don't really correlate to actual orders all that much. Might be because of the niche I focus on being somewhat narrow (not that many people to choose from!) so... Yeah. Not sure if this is useful to anyone, I just felt like it was kind of interesting (but again, I don't have much time to actually think about this that much!)  But yeah, just a bit of an observation. I wonder if it's similar for others (or it's a 'small-niche' thing...)



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  5. 15 minutes ago, zeus777 said:

    Actually it doesn't even need to be DIY, any Halloween decoration photos from at your house/neighborhood is welcome!

    I still don't even have my costume together. Where I love right now (sort of a houseshare thing) is doing a big party on the 31st so decorations are slooowly popping up but I need to figure out what I want to be! I was gonna be zombie(ish) Minnie Mouse (since I have some of the costume already haha) but ever since my profile pic was made, I've been wanting to go full vampire - I could probably thrift the outfit itself and make the ladybugs/bats somehow... But still unsure!

    First time in years I'm doing something for Halloween so... wanna go all out!


  6. 5 hours ago, akashahmed78 said:

    Order sent by buyer request is available. Is it true or false? I sent many buyer requests but received no orders.

    BR is highly competitive, especially in niches that are very popular amongst new sellers, that's true - but I do think it's fairly easy to stand out if you have decent gigs and response to each request. It could be a good idea to try and think about the 'why' you might not be getting orders. Is your communication lacking maybe? Is it your gigs? 


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  7. Maybe that's why it's paid WORK and not homework? Or volunteer work? Or - 

    you get the gist.

    75% of the people who'd contacted me prior to now were reasonable. I've worked with about 5% who ended up being grouches (and not fun to work with...) but just refused the other 20%.

    However, if lots of people are asking you things that they think you could do...maybe the issue isn't in them but in the way you advertise yourself? Of course, I could be wrong, but...

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  8. I...

    I mean, I've had my inklings based on the videos I've found in English - but... this is just sad. 

    It's hard for me to blame the clueless new 'sellers' who come to Fiverr with the promise of gurus like this. It's a scam that's only obvious to people who get why these tips don't work - I remember when I first started on Fiverr...was incredibly clueless about the whole thing. Only thing that made me different from these newbies was my English. 

    Still, something has to be done. 


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  9. 1 hour ago, ridwansugi said:

    I don't know why most of "NEW EXPERT SELLER" thinks that by active all days in this forum can help improve their gigs performance.


    From what I understand, someone started the rumour that by being active here, you're showing Fiverr that you're active - so the site will show you more (aka, you'll have more impressions). Quite obviously that's very untrue, but to people who are new (and gullible) it's easy to believe (since many of these new people come here after watching a video that says 'you can make money with no skills as long as you lie' (not an actual video, but you get the gist!)

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  10. There's another person looking for 50-60k words for less than $100, and I'm pretty sure people have responded to them (several, too!)

    The reason why this is not okay is because people don't realise how much writing actually takes out of a writer. I can - technically - write 6000 words in 2-4 hours (if I'm hyperfocused and have absolutely nothing else going on...) but if I did that every single day, I'd burn out within weeks. Others might be different (I won't say I'm not lazy or strange!) but even then, just the time it takes you makes all this 'not okay'! 

    These people who work you for peanuts are often the trickiest clients because they think they are 'helping you' (because you haven't had many orders yet or even just because you are from x country.) This sort of entitlement is what makes me sick the most. 



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  11. 49 minutes ago, naveed_blouch said:



    Are you absolutely certain there was no miscommuncation/misunderstanding (from either you or the buyer?) If yes, I'd contact CS to see if they agree - might be a nasty buyer (but sometimes... it's us who doesn't get the memo. )

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  12. 2 minutes ago, frelancer_niloy said:

    So the old one is also needed i think.

    I really think this is just a bug, honestly or maybe the analytics page is being upgraded. I don't think Fiverr earns anything by taking away the main page (and since they only have so many success managers, people flooding the waitlist isn't really beneficial for them either (not sure if the feature has been open for everyone already or if it's a new thing.)

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  13. My horror gigs have a bit of a special description for Halloween and I might do something seasonal for Christmas (like interactive stories as gift?) but I'm really busy till the end of October so it depends on regular orders for November/December!

    (And I'm also getting profile pics for each big(ish) Holiday! Might even spice up my gig images!

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  14. 8 minutes ago, deisgnheros said:

    no no mame I was showcasing that I can design a logo like nike logo not like I will design the same nike logo for all my clients if this make sense, but you or your guys was flagged it so am not saying you are stupid but okay it's not matching the quality standards of fiverr

    Following this logic, I could post a Stephen King novel on my horror gig saying 'I can write like this'... I don't think (don't know, to be fair) if you were reported (or Fiverr just found out about it... any buyer could have done it) but copyright stuff is pretty... yeah. You have to show your work and no one else's. 

    It's not even a quality standard thing it's a 'don't pretend you made a big brand's logo' (if people see it, they will think 'woe this person made that????') Could get you into trouble with the brands (and future customers. 

    (good job on getting a 'big' order though. It's always fun to have money coming in.)

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  15. 38 minutes ago, sujon10khan said:

    If I will skill something which has no demand it wastes my full time

    If I told you that art is in high demand would you suddenly become Picasso? Or if someone said yeah, horror writing is the best niche ever - would a new Stephen King be born?

    Many niches on here are not just taught/learned skilled but talents as well. They can be learned but they take so long that by the time you're done there are new things that people want. 

    Even if we look at things like digital marketing or doing cold calls and so on - you need to already know how to do them when you start here. Evaluate what you're good at and if you're not lying to yourself hoping for quick cash you might be able to make it. Slowly.

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  16. 9 minutes ago, gina_riley2 said:

    I think it's a good idea to have a catch all gig, but it's okay to have a few specialty gigs. You can catch a good buyer looking for a notch.


    I second this! Ever since I've started to make more specific gigs, I've been getting more and more orders. Some might be 'too' specific (for example I have two gigs that are game-writing but only for 1-1 genre (sort of) but that seems to help people who are looking for these kinds of things exactly! 

    I don't offer ESL specific writing (although technically I am qualified) but I do think that's a really good market to break into, too. I have several buyers coming to me almost every week looking for games for kids/students in general! I feel like even tourism/travel related things could be great right now (since everyone wants to leave the house!) When I'm purchasing art, I also try to look for someone who offers exactly what I need (like, game assets, etc.) instead of just a general gig (scouting the market right now for my own game one day!) It's risky to go the very specific route but also helps a lot if you know what you're doing (I think, that is!)

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  17. 1 hour ago, sahebpreet2008 said:

    My friend is keep pranking on me by placing orders on my gig and then canceling them. He is not stopping. This have really bad impact on my gig, is there any way I can disable orders from a particular account? Somewhere I read that blocking buyer will make my account get disabled. Please help!

    I... would not call someone pulling pranks like that a friend... Report them to CS (with proof...) and block them. Blocking does NOT cause your account to be disabled, where did you even read this? I've blocked many people before. (of course, if you have an active order, I don't think you can block them but..that doesn't seem to be the case...)

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  18. 14 minutes ago, porma9 said:

    Offer low prices and make gigs in the most popular gig categories...

    What's the point in that long-term though?

    Only offer something you're genuinely good at. Don't just make gigs in categories that are popular because people will realise that you're just doing anything to make $5.

    2 hours ago, shakilafried said:

    How can I get job quickly

    - Think about your gigs right now - are you absolutely sure they are great? Are you talented at what you offer (or did you just complete a free course and slap some basic images as samples on your gig)

    - Are you offering something people actually want? Could you mabye narrow it down to a smaller niche? 

    - Other than that... people will find your gig eventually (if it's good...) and order if they think they can trust you. But it takes time. 

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  19. 4 hours ago, rakib_sumon said:

    Can anybody suggest to me, how can I create a unique and completely different gig on Fiverr?

    Do you have a skill that is completely unique and different? If yes - easy. Just sell that. If not - look into what you could do to learn something that's not very widely known just yet. 

    As for gigs being unique, you won't find any in most popular niches. Make yourself stand out by being someone who's genuinely great at what they do, though. That works for me usually.

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  20. 22 minutes ago, samcaff said:

    It's great for the sellers but very unfair for the buyers who could potentially be mis lead by a seller having all positive reviews

    In a way I understand - but do you really have the right to review something you didn't end up paying for? I personally would say no. Cancellations do actually affect the seller's performance (and by quite a lot. They could be demoted if they have too many...)

    However you're right about how things need to change. Day and night I see lots of people with fake reviews (and very obviously so!) Buyers might not get it though since they might be new to the side. The site should try to get rid of the ease people buy accounts / fake reviews with (I know it happens everywhere but still) and THEN tackle reviews again to make them more fair. Maybe more details asked? 

    (Again, if you don't get a product you shouldn't review it because you also can't use it - both cause it's bad AND because you didn't end up paying for it) but you can also refuse a cancellation , keep the product and leave an honest review. I personally feel the second option is best (but I'm a seller so...)


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  21. 5 hours ago, barakahgroup said:

    He said you are fooling others and Lying on fiverr, I reported you and I will keep on reporting untill your gig  is removed.

    Even adding an extra with $x for x sort of research would be able to make it clear to people - and they would either purchase or not. 

    That being said when someone sees a gig like yours - and let me please be a tad crass here - they think 'ooh it's dirt cheap. Best price ever!' so... To see such a big price jump must be... At least a little annoying. It's misleading because your gig is confusing to start with (whether I'd believe someone can give me me original content for that price is another thing although I do realize that these ebooks can be cheaper... Still.)

    Since you quoted such a different price I personally would consider it a bait and switch - wouldn't be surprised if Fiverr did at least warn you for it (but I don't know if they will so...)


  22. 25 minutes ago, trueworker21 said:

    How can I will be creat a best freelancing career on fiverr?  "

    If you are planning to work with native English speakers, getting a couple of English lessons would help (your grammar needs a lot of help. And that's completely fine BUT being able to communicate with your customers is key. Especially for data entry.)

    Other than that... I'm unfamiliar with those fields but I know that they are very competitive. Is there nothing else you can offer up to people? 

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  23. Could there be some sort of a misunderstanding/ communication issue? 

    Maybe your clients are expecting something else from your services? You could still be doing the job correctly - some people just like constant communication!

    (I also give good reviews to everyone and agree the system is faulty but it's more unbiased like this. However it does take away our freedom to say anything (since if we leave a negative review but get a positive one from the buyer it could be strange!)

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