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  1. I sincerely hope you are not referring to your videos. I sincerely know that your opinion is unimportant to me ✌️
  2. He was talking about the forum rules and Fiverr’s rules. If you break forum rules, well, you saw the result. And if you break Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you’ll get banned, and you won’t be able to use your knowledge on Fiverr. Here, on Fiverr forum, the only “how to make sales” posts that mean something are posts by those who have a considerable number of sales, otherwise it’s just a post made by a noob who has read somewhere that posting on the forum will make them a Top Rated Seller (if you spend some time reading the forum, you’ll see what I mean). In the world from were i came from, this is labeled as demonism so your title would be an energy vampire doing some shadow work ⚡ For a mentally strong person though, it is just you underastimating someone’s knowledge without even questioning if there is a possibility for it to be true, supporting the crowd just because everyone else is hating (just being honest) Thanks for the warm goodbye C! Until next time! ✌️
  3. I have zero fear. A mad woman tried to break into my house with a hammer and a kitchen knife a few days ago. I opened the door and told her to take a hike. I also don’t need anyone to guide me. I have come to the conclusion that I am either a psychopath, someone with phenomenal powers of ESP, or plugged into some kind of machine creating the reality I perceive every day. In either case, it is my reality to do with what I please. 😉 Oh, you misunderstood me, when i say you i never mean you specifically, i mean if one is not willing to let go of fear, then they don’t deserve me to brainwash them. Yo, I leave now, this forum is a place where you live mostly, i only visit, so it is probably time to leave. I liked the time i spent here though. Have a beautiful day, until next time, Peace!
  4. This is why I like you. 😉 Or at least I did… 😉 I still think your gig should not focus on brainwashing, though. It might be a language barrier, but when I and most other people think ‘brainwashing’ we think Clockwork Orange: No, no, if you are not willing to change your point of view and let go of fear, then you don’t deserve me to guide you to success. p.s. I get the joke which is 90% true
  5. I think that you think that the world is spinning around you. You are not the center of attention… at least not in my world. Let’s think less so we can realize that comparison is ugly, and as long as you compare yourself to people there will be someone that will be below you and also someone above you and while you underestimate the lower ones you are being underestimated by the higher ones, bob marely said “while you point your finger at someone someone else is judging you” in one of his songs so no judgement, stop trying to prove yourself that you are better then me, i already mastered life same as you mastered Fiverr and go watch my video about how to bring prosperity in your life, it will help you to turn your PS4 hobby into a profitable habit P.S. this was a brainwash attempt ✌️
  6. Did you constantly see an image of @sarkovskim? if yes, then you’ve been brainwashed. Source: Abracadabra book. You will both dream of me tonight admit it or not ✌️
  7. They do have power! You’re right. So why did you call @mariashtelle1 “blonde” when she prefers being called “dear”? Ok, that last bit was an inside joke based on a thread I was in with her and @maitasun. 😉 I hope you do well on Fiverr. I’m going to favourite one of your Gigs now, so I can check out your profile every now and then. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll even work together. A bit of advice: I think you’ll need to remove the word “brainwashing” from your Gig title, if you haven’t already. That word has so many negative connotations. Maybe change the title to “I will help you develop a success mindset”. Don’t you think that would work better? All the best. I was only having some fun earlier. No disrespect intended. That is exactly the point of the gig’s name, we label words as good or bad, I won’t sell you my service before I put my trust into you, on the other hand, it can also serve as a filter for those living in fear, so you get to my youtube channel, reprogram your beliefs for the better, gain my trust, buy my service, make it big. When I say you I don’t mean you specifically, I mean the subject that will be brainwashed… It may be a bit hard to understand because I am not really doing this for the money, I share so many free contents that will brainwash you for success before you even buy my service and my service is only if you are a true fan that wants to have a one on one session with me… I am all about respect too, peace ✌️
  8. Exactly, that is why i constantly create new contents on my youtube channel so when one lost consciousness comes across well crafted product they don’t even care about who wrote it but just believe what they are reading since it makes sense. so then they get redirected to a better place, which is my youtube channel and i get the chance to gain their trust and motivate them to do. I never wrote it for you to read it, or buy my service, is it that hard to understand that?
  9. I don’t really care what you think about me, you are never going to be the person for whom i create for, therefore i don’t care how it seems for you, better or worse, the only thing that matters for me is how i perceive this so the image that i am building in your head doesn’t really matter to me. I’m just having some free time, having fun ✌️
  10. lol. may you show some proof? belief is just a part of this, but where is the rest? Where it show you got succeeded? If you want people to believe in you or your belief, you should trying to convince them. Just writing a bunch of words, without credibility, it worth nothing. Well actually words have power, and if you haven’t succeeded on Fiverr yet, doesn’t mean that you are unsuccessful, I have experienced true success in many different areas of my life and that is the only proof that i need, I am the living proof, someone’s words saved my life, other than that i don’t try to convince you to buy my gigi, should I repeat my point again? Leaving a record, lost soul reading it, being redirected to a better place?
  11. And yet… I think the point that many people have tried to make to you, is that your words carry weight, even the small, childish, disrespectful ones like “Yo blonde”. Just food for thought. I apologize for being my self and not investing my focus into reading your full name, age and gender
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