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  1. Last year, my best-selling gig was removed from the first page of the subcategory. I went from having 20-25 orders in queue to almost zero. Sales dried up, and there were no new messages to respond to. It was a hard pill to swallow. However, just like every new policy implemented, some people will be favored, while others will not. I mailed Fiverr support, and I got the usual template response I’ve seen on this forum a few times. I decided to try new strategies and see what I could do to get orders without being on the first page. I’ll share some of them and rate the effectiveness( at least from my experience) on a scale of 1-5. Buyer’s Request: I started using the buyers request section more often. I ensure that I send 2-5 requests daily. Though there are some weird request/prices on that section. Every Request won’t lead to a sale, but it’s better than not trying at all. I can say it’s been productive. (Rating 2/5)Social Media Promotion : I tried promoting my gig using Facebook ads. I tried this for a few weeks, I can’t really say it worked or got orders from that method. However, it helps give my gig some exposure. It could be very expensive as well. (Rating 1/5)Old Clients: Since I joined Fiverr, I’ve worked with over 3000 clients. I realized that I was sitting on a goldmine. I started sending them messages, asking how they’ve been faring (especially during this pandemic), and if they have projects that they need help with. The result has been amazing. I’ve gotten many orders from this simple method. For the clients that didn’t place orders immediately. It was an opportunity to catch up and brainstorm ideas about their next projects. It was also a great time for me to reflect on how much I’ve grown as a freelancer. (Rating 4/5)Referrals: After every order I complete, I reach out to the clients and offer them discounts on their next order or referrals. I’ve gotten a few referrals using this method. (Rating 2/5)Overall, your gig disappearing from its regular position is not the end of your freelancing career. It simply brings out the entrepreneurial spirit in you!
  2. Good to hear that you made full recovery! That’s enough good news. You can always build your Fiverr account back with time. First, reach out to the clients that canceled their orders, explain the situation. I’m sure some of them will be happy to place the canceled orders back. Secondly, reach out to Fiverr support with any proof of what happened to you. They might be sympathetic enough to help you reset your account stats. However, the most important point is to take your recovery from COVID-19 as a major win! And continue basking in the euphoria, till you get your Fiverr account back in shape. Stay safe
  3. Knowing that I’m helping other accomplish their goals keeps my moral high
  4. Good…The month is not yet over…You can hit $1000
  5. I agree with your last statement though. The designs have been pretty awkward lately
  6. Just noticed it too…It’s perhaps to solve the order requirement glitch that do occur occasionally
  7. Fiverr is a goldmine, you just need to have the required skills
  8. Fantastic Job…The blog has been a good source of inspiration
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