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  1. Cheers, I’ll try some options. Will upload smaller screen size. Right now the filters are very “agressive” 😧
  2. The matter is: Video must be up to 60 secs/50 mb I’ve just created new gig + uploaded video (good quality 60secs with perfect compression level - size 20 mb) Question: Fiverr’s filters damaged it, quality is very bad now compare to the original. I read before that we must upload good quality videos. Strange. Wrote to CS. Does somebody know how to save video quality if it’s possible? Cheers for actual info if you know PS. Not sure now, will try to do it for smaller screen size (like gig’s picture)
  3. I’ll be honest, your “my opinions are the best” opinions are really starting to grate on me. You present them as if you know what you’re talking about, when in reality, you’re opinions are often far from the truth. Please do not present yourself as knowledgeable on subjects, if you don’t actually know much about them. You’re a relative newby here on Fiverr – joined in January. You have only 23 reviews, and you delivered your most recent order 29 days ago. Be willing to accept that there are other users here on Fiverr who know more about your “opinionated topics” than you do. You may find it more beneficial to spend more time listening and learning, and less time talking and declaring your “opinions” on everything. “Those who are wise, know how to listen.” Don’t worry, I started being tired of forum a little bit, and don’t see any good reason to bother about it anymore I had questions for myself - I didn’t find replies. Only promote, promote, promote - from people who are not even involved in the Algorithm’s play (I mean high seller’s level) My poor 🙂pinion I won’t interrupt ur LocalSelfPromotion
  4. Processor FROM 2000 Mhz/2.00 Ghz and more Operating Memory FROM 4 Gb and more And so on. More is good, less is bad for today.
  5. Yes, tags are not involved in Gig’s ranking. I keep saying it here for a few weeks already. If to create unique tag (blabla1772553Z) - you will never find it in the system, means it won’t be indexed by the system 🙂 Search tags are search request links - absolutely same as we do in the search bar. They are created for Google mostly (or maybe some people click them) it’s only my 🙂pinion
  6. For someone who makes a point of “IMHO” – aka, “just sharing your opinion”, you sure are condescending towards others. I recommend that you change that behavior. That’s not a considerate way to be interacting on this forum. Cheers, but I recommend you not to recommend me (joke) 🙂 It’s simply peacefull discussions. Everybody can have own points of view. and so on So, Mathematics was not your favorite topic and you think that you can discuss Algorithm(s) I’m absolutely sure that all your recommendations will contain - promote, promote, promote - as usual IMHO
  7. Nobody knows, you are right. I added IMHO by the way 🙂 It means that I’m not sure, it’s only my opinion
  8. ha ha Mathematics was my favorite topic in school - this is why instead of common useless blablabla I try to see concret details in Algorithm(s) 🙂 I don’t see, but I feel the internal Gig’s Rank as the main base for all operations 🙂 IMHO
  9. What do you mean? I don´t understand. I thought that´s what we have been talking about? I mean you can not discuss algorithm tech details (I mean your thoughts, your opinions) You can say only common phrases like: you need to work hard, don’t complain, promote your gigs and another useless blablabla - nothing concret IMHO
  10. If you will look carefully you can see that Algorithm discussions are forbidden. Censorship.
  11. Your internal Gig’s Rank was lowered by the system or manually and it means that people don’t see it. 2nd page on category? I was told that buyers use the search bar mostly - different positions. Try 1keyword searches. If you don’t see it I’m right. Simply buyers don’t see your gig. IMHO - means it’s only my opinion
  12. They don’t know that in some locations native en women hate this word because it has another meaning - old (I’ve read it from one UK lady long ago as I remember)
  13. Wonderful word - they can use it in any situation 🙂
  14. 60 per page. Also every time I see 2 pages with my gig. Means one page takes part of another.
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