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  1. Hi monak11027, Patience! If I can advise you something is that you need to take advantage of the best benefit of being a new seller here. As a new fewer, Fiverr will post your gigs in the first pages, so it is not all so bad here. Once you stop to be considered to be a “new seller”, your gigs will be posted to the very end of the gigs. You have to be patience and continue trying until you pass to the next level, and then, you will notice that there are a lot of more options on buyer request than when we are new here. When you get a good level here, try to do more that you best, so your buyers will not give you a bad review or cancel because that can demote you to a new seller again with all the pain that has on it! My best advise: Just keep doing your best! Good Luck!
  2. I am sure every US citizen receives a notification. My husband is a US musician, and he is given one to fill out when he is paid to perform, even if he is only $100. Thanks for the clarification! 🙂 I love your new profile picture! (BTW)
  3. If you make at least than 600$ per year, then you will receive a notification. If you are a US person then you do fill the w9 form. After that if you make 20k per year, you should fill for paying taxes. If you don’t then nothing else is required to do.
  4. Sorry for the question, but how much money have you make this year with fiverr?
  5. I’m sorry for your sisters situation. However, she might be lucky if France is still treating oncology patients. In Malta and lots of other countries, most cancer screening and treatment is pretty much on hold at the moment. I have a friend with lung cancer who hasn’t been to the hospital in weeks. More people have died in building accidents on Malta this year than they have of COVID. However, the constriction industry is the only industry that has been allowed to continue operating as normal throughout the pandemic. Apparently, the cost to the economy would be to great if they ceased operations. Then you have the suicide rate in the U.S. In some states, they have already recorded more suicides this year than during the entirety on 2019. Sadly, most people aren’t interested in looking at the bigger picture. 😦 I hope your sister recovers and that you can get to see her soon. 🤞 Thanks for the big picture and the good vibes!! I hope we all be better soon! 💚
  6. So, you didn’t take a test? My older sister, who lives in France, is in a hospital there since several weeks. Doctors thought that was COVID19 due a chronic cough she has, but the bad news was that her breast cancer was returned after 2 years, and now she is starting chemo therapy again in the next weeks. COVID19 is not so dangerous as cancer. I understand deaths, but the damage of cancer is increasing every day.
  7. Maybe the plan is to get a good number of mods? :thinking: I threw my 🎩 in the ring and applied. You both would make great mods. I also agree with @nikavoice’s vote of confidence for @jonbaas because in the years I have been on the Forum he has helped many people as evidenced by this posts to Jon. Plus, in his birthday post in 2018, there were many Forum members who expressed appreciation for his help. Congratulations for applying!
  8. Don’t forget I was a forum moderator as well over the same “last few years”, although, I won’t go so far as to refer to myself as a “rockstar”… maybe just a traveling minstrel. 😉 I remember you helped me!!! Thanks!
  9. I used to see every morning my impressions. I guess it was wasted time since they are no important anymore. It is like another lost habit in quarantine time. Regards!
  10. @guymastrion I totally agree with your comment. I think I am not sure what is worst, no having reviews, or instead of, having a bad review. I am not sure if people know all the damage is involving with a bad review. So, at least you are not having bad reviews, and that is also a good sign that you are doing a great job. Keep doing Buyer Request and delivering great gigs. There is a luck on this, but we also need to help that luck! Good Luck!
  11. 😩 Sounds really bad! I hope every thing gets better for you and your familly!
  12. Nup. Just some glass protection on cashiers and personal wearing masks. That is all I saw different last time I went, but there is always something different every time I go.
  13. Yay! I thought the same days ago! It is nice to know thoughts about people that are in the same situation all around the world! Fiverr you rock! Even without getting enough orders! @theenglishninja I got nervous when I go to the grocery store. I feel like I’m getting sick just entering the store. I’m in the USA right now.
  14. I feel like I am living a Handmaid’s tail season!
  15. I am just deleting BR I am not interested, and offering to BR I am interested. 🤓
  16. I’m just thinking about all that we (Venezuelan people) have lived last years, and we have been starting to live again, and worst! I hope this nightmare pass quickly and my family and friends in Venezuela stay safe. Same for you Fiverr comunity! 💜
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