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  1. try every day to improve your skills and promoting your gigs. read Fiverr Academy its too helpful
  2. contact customer support they are very helpful.
  3. Never, ever beg for a review. If the buyer wants to give you a positive review for great work done, or a negative review for terrible work, that is their choice. You cannot force buyers to post reviews. You earn them. I ask my buyers politely to give me a review, Is that wrong?
  4. I know But the method That I use gets only 30 visits per day and I think it’s too low to get more orders that’s why I’m asking 😃
  5. you always say promote your gig on social media to any newbie but you really didn’t explain briefly HOW to promote gigs and which Facebook groups if I’m a graphic designer? which kind of promotion (Paid or free like sharing my gig in Fiverr groups)? I hope that someone can explain briefly Promotion ways? Thanks.
  6. After 3 days the order will auto-complete and your revenue will be pending for 14 days. Just try to message the buyer to give you a review.
  7. Hello, can you please check this gig because I tried as much as I can to improve it but I didn’t get any orders and every day I share It on social media and once I didn’t share It for one single day No one clicks and no views so I wanna know how to improve this gig and how to get more orders and if there are any tips about promoting my gig I hope to help me. https://www.fiverr.com/mahmoudosama94/design-a-stunning-business-card-in-24-hrs?arrived_from_manage_gigs=true&display_share=true
  8. I share my gig everyday on twitter, facebook and google plus but actually I have a few impressions on my gig and I have finished only two orders since I have been active 2 months ago. So can you please tell me How to get more impressions to get more orders?
  9. Hello, I hope to review my gig and I’m open to hearing any negative review and what you most like about my gig. Here’s the link: https://www.fiverr.com/mahmoudosama94/design-an-magnificent-logo?funnel=33bea8f4-545c-42a4-ab6b-e1241df59ef0
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