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  1. It’s not a shabby idea. 💡 I’ve had Clients who said, they had fat fingers (their words) and pressed the wrong button LOL. Sometimes people get distracted. A pop-up screen wouldn’t hurt. We’re humans and we make mistakes. For instance, eBay have a write-up before a negative feedback is left to encourage Buyer/Seller communication.
  2. Hello, Bakhtawar! Can you share more details, about what the work consisted of? For example was it an image? Article? Fiverr takes plagiarism very seriously, using work that was not created by you (without the proper license) will land you in hot water. :woman_playing_water_polo:t4: You want to provide quality work that was created by you and not borrowed from elsewhere on the net. I’m not saying that’s what happened, just giving you the inside scoop. If it’s just a warning, learn from your mistake and be careful. However, keep in mind if you get more warnings, Fiverr could potentially ban your account for TOS violation. Buyers cannot see warnings, it’s internal, only Fiverr staff can see. Note: It could be a false positive. :woman_shrugging:t4: Your rating is pretty good, so I wouldn’t worry. Take some time to read the TOS.
  3. As-salāmu Alaikum, Welcome to the Forum, Eman. 🙂 Take a look around, you’ll find a lot of helpful information. 🍍
  4. It’s pretty straight forward: Whoever gets most votes, wins. As simple as that. I have known about webby awards before, it’s like an award system for the businesses or entrepreneurs or influencers or individuals who have good brand identity in the market. Actually, nothing, Hypothetically, more business (a long shot). Suppose they win and then Fiverr will Flex it everywhere are it will create more buzz around the potential users and maybe they will come order from one of us. 😁 LOL, that’s what I figured. 😆 If I have time, I’ll sign up to vote but it’s tough to choose. 😬
  5. Edit the screenshot to remove (blur) the Buyer’s name. Naming and shaming is not allowed on this forum. Share the screenshots with Customer Support just in case the Buyer contacts them. This way they will have your side of the story on record. You can also ❌ the Buyer from communicating with you.
  6. 💡 Fiverr 101. Ugh! Don’t allow a Buyer to force you to do work that wasn’t agreed upon. If they tell you, if you don’t do XYZ or they’ll leave a scathing review. Well, that’s BLACKMAIL and it should never be tolerated.
  7. Hmm, :thinking: Yeah, it’s prompting me to sign up. Um, so what do I get out of the deal? My vote is valuable. 😁 FiverrWebby939×560 39.2 KB
  8. Read the Terms of Service. It should be common practice when you join a website. Soliciting feedback from Buyers is a big NO-NO. It’s at the sole discretion of the Buyer if she/he wants to leave feedback or not. Begging, harassing or asking for 5-stars is a violation. 🍍
  9. This is an old thread. Why not contact Payoneer?
  10. Remember the people here are your competitors. So, don’t expect people to give you their magic sauce. Your next course of action is to read through the [Tips for Sellers] category. Pour yourself a nice hot ☕
  11. LMAO!!! 😅 Nope! Zombie-free zone. :woman_zombie: Oh my, I haven’t played scrabble in ages. I remember I used to play with friends/fam. I won many scrabble games and they would get mad at me LOL. How have you been doing?
  12. Aww, thanks Monica. 🙂 I’m doing Fabulous! 🍹 I applaud you for looking after the elderly. :clap:t4:
  13. I’m totally confused, the gigs you’re offering says you create WordPress websites and you’re asking people how to do it? :thinking:
  14. Delivering partial orders is never a good idea and could cause you grief. Unless you’re working with Milestone orders, the project should be uploaded and delivered at the same time. If time is running out try requesting an order extension again. Make sure you note that it’s needed because of the unresponsiveness, deadline and the clock ⏲️ is running out. Secondly, revisit your gig(s) requirements page and make sure you mark the ✅MANDATORY checkbox. Meaning the order will not start unless these fields are properly answered. You can’t complete the job without the necessary information. Always include a note how Clients/Sellers communication is important. Educate Your Buyers! 🍍
  15. I don’t mind chatting with Clients that I’ve built a good rapport for a few minutes. The ones that irk me are the window-shoppers/time-wasters. The conversation stops at the 5-minute mark. If I see they are just wasting my time or will give me grief. I END it! My motto is time is a terrible thing to waste. 🍹
  16. You’ve made excellent points. :ok_hand:t4: I’ve heard horror stories about people using Teamviewer for malicious intent. 😬 Personally, I would never use this program. Don’t focus your Fiverr career on features that have not been implemented. Your tool is COMMUNICATION. Until Fiverr implements a video/chat feature. Written communication leaves a paper trail in case when things go south. If your clients need a tutorial, you could perhaps create a video of yourself explaining the project details, they could do the same. Alternatively, you can record audio. I’m in the VO niche and clients have sent me audio recordings/videos explaining the project in great detail. I’ve done the same in return with no issues whatsoever. In the world of business, you have to be savvy and find creative ways of getting the job done. 🍍
  17. Another workaround is emailing Support@Fiverr.com. I’m sure Staff will update this thread as soon as things are functioning again.
  18. Thank you, that was sweet of you to clean it up and summarize. 🙂
  19. This is a good sign that they are working on the issue. :crossed_fingers:t4: FiverrMaintenance1207×519 16.7 KB
  20. There’s a discussion going on here: :point_down:t4:
  21. I haven’t used Dropbox today. But when I ran into issues, just to be on the safe side. I emailed CS to ask them for permission to do so. Just to cross my T’s and Dot my i’s. I documented everything heavily.
  22. Yikes! 😯 I’ll be honest I was trying to keep a straight face. But it just erupted. 😁 I couldn’t hold it, oops! I want to beat COVID19, OP! :+1:t4:
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