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  1. I seriously want to know what are the benefits of using VPN? Whoever answers gets a slice of 🍕
  2. Hey, Matt! How will you update people, via their forum inbox or here? 😁
  3. Thank you for the link. 🍹 (bookmarked it) I didn’t know they had a presence on Medium. 😁
  4. Welcome to Fiverr! 🎉Swing by this section Tips for Sellers in your free time. Pour yourself a nice beverage, you’ll find a bunch of helpful tips/advice.
  5. An unresponsive Buyer is annoying. But @smashradio advice was very logical. Yup! That’s correct, if the order is cancelled the money goes back to the Buyer. Wait and see if the Buyer responds, in your correspondence note that you’re missing the information to successfully complete the order. Always leave a paper trail!
  6. Yes, you can use it at the same time. For example, my browser is open now on my laptop editing gigs and I’m on my iPhone 📱 replying to queries. Fiverr understands that we need these tools to keep in touch with Clients and to make our life easier. Multi-tasking!
  7. Yup! It’s totally fine. I use both web browser and app, especially when I’m on the go.
  8. FYI~ The Moderators are Volunteers, they wouldn’t have insider information about ranking/algorithms.
  9. :thinking: Simply give a direct answer. Is it correct or not? Did you email CS? Staff doesn’t hang out on the forum 24-7 to answer questions.
  10. I think being classed as “online” on Fiverr does have an effect on ranking, at least it did in 2017 according to what a Fiverr engineer said in an interview: See pages 14-15 in the link below: softwareengineeringdaily.com SED462-Fiverr-Engineering.pdf119.70 KB Interesting read. @uk1000 But that’s from 2017 any updates for 2020? This is why we need to hear directly from Fiverr because it muddies the water.
  11. Hello, @newplus_design! Can you explain to me, what are the benefits of hanging out on Fiverr app for 24-hours? We are humans. We need to do human functions such as taking a 🚿 How can this help Sellers?
  12. Due to the influx of tickets, Customer Support response time is slower. 🐢 People have been waiting for 7-10 days. Give it more time.
  13. I did a PP withdrawal and it worked. Although, I remember seeing other people having issues with the button being grayed out. It’s an annoying bug! 🐛
  14. Did you accept the order? If you haven’t, don’t accept the order until the Seller provides what was promised. Hit the revision button. Fiverr gives Buyers sufficient amount of time to review and accept the delivery. If you’ve written the Seller and the Seller is unresponsive contact CS.
  15. as a buyer who often orders gigs that offer unlimited revisions, this also surprised me. i went to the order page of such a gig that was completed a couple of weeks ago, and i don’t see a revision button, but it says if i need to contact the seller do so via inbox, which is what they all say Hi, there! Yes, when the order is completed. The only way to request a revision(s) is via the Seller’s Fiverr inbox. They would complete the revision and deliver it to the Buyer via inbox as well. Fiverr monitors everything so even though it’s via Fiverr messaging it’s still leaves a paper trail. If the Seller offered unlimited revisions, don’t hesitate to contact them.
  16. Are you serious ? I am shocked ;D Thank god I never offered unlined revisions to any one… Thanks, that was something new ! Yup, it happens. I’ve seen Sellers come on here talking about it. The best thing to do is document everything. In any business, It’s better to leave a paper trail. Make sure you’ve done everything the Buyer asked that was discussed. Reinforce the delivery by writing everything thing you’ve done. If the Buyer leaves feedback or a tip that helps, too when presenting your case to CS. No worries, I don’t mind helping. 🙃
  17. What were you offering? We need more details.
  18. Are you serious ? I am shocked ;D Thank god I never offered unlined revisions to any one… Thanks, that was something new ! Yeah, it’s a double-edged ⚔️ sword. You could potentially have a Client, you wouldn’t request too many, maybe one or two at most. But then, you could run into a situation where the Client would use the unlimited revisions against you. If the revisions aren’t done, the Client could easily complain to Fiverr and say it’s false advertisement and request a refund. Eek! You’re welcome. 🙂 Fiverr is your business, do whatever works for you.
  19. Hello, Tyler! Keep in mind that after the order is delivered and marked complete. The Buyer could still come back and request another revision(s). That’s the only pitfall with having unlimited revisions. You could potentially do them for the rest of your Fiverr career.
  20. Yikes! That’s a steal of a deal. 😲 OK, from a Buyer’s POV; if I was shopping around to buy a logo. I would completely bypass Sellers offering two logos for $5, let alone one logo for $5. It just sounds too good to be true! I’m curious, what’s included in that price?
  21. Why not hear it directly from the horse’s 🐴 mouth? In this case Fiverr. Contact Fiverr CS to get the answer. When in doubt this is the BEST route to take.
  22. Nobody wants bugs. That sounds desperate. No serious buyer will want to wait forever while you revise and revise and revise… They want you to be able to do it right the first time, or after a revision or two. Some sellers have waited for months until they got their first sale. Ewwww, NO! 🤢 I laughed so hard reading this. 😂 OMG, I cannot compose myself.
  23. Wait what? Did I just read you sent a Buyer $4 through PayPal? 😲 I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody already reported you to Fiverr. We ALL have to play by the same rules! OK, I’m going back to bed because clearly, I cannot read today.
  24. It has been 11-months and counting. I’m pretty sure the OP figured it out by now. 🍍
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