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  1. Also if you add message remove/delete features that will be also helpful.
  2. @ligiacarvalhoThank you for your suggestions.
  3. @imagination7413 Thank you for the link. I didn't read that, but I will read and follow the tips.
  4. Hello there, I am a seasoned website designer and level two seller. I joined Deccember'16 in Fiverr. I have completed 163 orders and average selling price $197+ I didn't get orders regularly, this makes me frustrated. How can I survive in the long run? Please experts, fellow sellers suggest me how can I overcome this situation. Thank you
  5. I am working on a Squarespace website through this gig.

  6. Hi fellow sellers! Hope you are doing well. This is a fun topic. If you interested you can reply with your best selling gig link and revenues generated by that gig. My best selling gig link : https://www.fiverr.com/webdivine/design-hubspot-landing-page Revenues generated by that gig : $10,540 Thank you for participate!
  7. No it isn’t. A strong seller gets orders regardless of their ranking. You aren’t getting sales because your gigs are superfluous in extremely crowded markets. Don’t look for something else to blame your lack of sales on. Take accountability for your lack of success and learn how sales works. Thanks for your observations. Another issue I pointed out that some sellers in my category provide services on low price than me. That’s why I didn’t get expected sales.
  8. Happy new year! Wear mask and stay safe.
  9. You can offer flyer or banner design. New gigs sell well.
  10. Good wishes for your freelancing career.
  11. That’s why I didn’t get any new order! Thanks for clarify.
  12. As a new seller you can create total 7 gigs. You can create specific services/packages.
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