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  1. This guy spoke english as well as I. He was crafty and stealth. Leading to lose hundreds of dollars. Do not trust them because Fivver promises are all lies to steal people money.
  2. Yes he did promised me. I have the proof on Fivver chat. He said that all I have to is open a store on Shopifly and I can sell my ebook on there. These people in foreign countries are getting away with murder and Fivver supports them. No one should trust Fivver or it's thieving foreign buyers. It violated it's on rule.
  3. The Seller was from Nigeria and he knew English well. He took advantage of me. The worst thing is Fivver supported him over me. Fivver is not in America so there's nothing I can do. The customer is not right in this company.
  4. He promised me that it would work but lied. He tricked me. Fivver took up his side. I'm angry about this. I'll never again trust any Seller on here. He said "I can market for you but I need more money and more money." That's how I got sucked in his Nigerian scam.
  5. I paid a Seller to market my ebook. He kept as for money and more money. And he promised me that he could help me sell it. But haven't sold one ebook. I spent over 600 dollars. I tried to get my money back. But Fivver too his side. Saying that I accepted the orders. I explained to Fivver that how can I not accept an order I cannot see. Meaning that unlike a writing or any other service, you cannot see the results of marketing until after you accept it. So Fivver is in Israel. You cannot have the United States to help you. Everyone should be skeptical of Fivver and be cautious of Sellers from other countries.
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