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  1. you can hire someone there is no issue. but when you hire few peoples fiverr will give you a title of (Top buyer - new seller) so other buyer will think that you just outsource all the work. So I dont think its a good idea to hire directly.
  2. I know they will never give my old account back but How I can get permission for the new account and how I can ask them to close my previous account. as they are not responding now.
  3. There’s really nothing else we can help you. The only help I can give is to read Fiverr TOS a few times. So I will be never ever allowed to create a new account? I had more than 150 reviews and $7000+ earnings.
  4. Hi Fellows. I had a good standing profile on the Fiverr and then I got three warnings (2 of them was outside communication and 3rd one said misuse of the delivery button). I haven’t done any wrong delivery and I don’t know why I get 3rd warning. I know I have use word ■■■■■ but I do the order on Fiverr. Now they have suspended my account and they said we are reviewing your account. Once they said it’s a permanent ban and then they said we are still reviewing. I asked them to close my account so that I can create a new one but they said you cant create a new one until it’s in our review. Please suggest to me what I have to do know, I have no other source of income. Now they are not allowing me to create a new one. Help me, please. Thank you.
  5. You will get the orders soon. Stay online maximum time and send 10 custom requests regularly.
  6. What if you guide a little bit about lead generation. Is data science is relevant to this Field.?
  7. In my account it was May 15, and I think its just fullfil the requirements before 15 not on same day.
  8. Hi guys, My order completion becomes 90% today’s morning According to my time and my requirements was completed of level 2 seller but I received nothing. Currently I at no level but I was expecting a promotion today. Do I need to contact Fiverr support? Thank you
  9. Might be that’s true, but they can hire me to create their own 😊
  10. Yes this thing is wonderful but I am already following smae.
  11. Hi Nerds, My new gig has good impression, views, and clicks but having no orders or messages. can you please take a look into my gig and suggest the improvements. Bundle of thanks for your time and suggestions. https://www.fiverr.com/share/qDBk3X
  12. Hi, Currently, I have a 33% order completion rate. My seller level drops to a new seller. I need to know when this rate will reset back to 0% or 100% automatically?
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