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  1. Thanks for the explanation. My problem solved after contacting my internet provider. You really help me, UK100. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thank you, UK1000. This is really help. Maybe I need to call my internet provider. You give the idea I not think before. Actually, this is first time I know about auto-refresher and I don’t know why I need that. I’m cartoonist, just drawing cartoons. Thanks again. Big help.
  3. grammarly-keyboard720×370 61.1 KBIs this illegal?
  4. That’s not auto refreshing… that’s grammarly apps. I’m using that for auto corrected my English Grammar
  5. Not only that… my fiverr badge on my website also gone. All related to Fiverr is gone on my computers. Maybe this is IP Address issues. If yes, should I use VPN? Is that safe?
  6. Hi, I already search on this forum for similar issue but this issue is different from others. At first, I need to answer this google test Captcha. ( attachment 1 ) After I success answer that Captcha, I can’t see anything. Only these appear on my computer. Not showing the usual look as usual. Empty. ( attachment 2 and 3 ). I tested on another computer… it’s showing the same situation. My internet is okay. My Fiverr apps is okay too. Any idea how I can fix it? Thanks in advance. ATTACHMENT 1 ATTACHMENT 2 and 3 Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 2.11.16 PM668×623 27.9 KB Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 4.06.35 PM1491×1013 78.3 KB
  7. I was have that button before but today it’s disappear. I don’t know why. I love that button
  8. I has many buyer do like this. This reminds me of one unique buyer. He submits the requirement after 5 years his make the gig order. :rofl:
  9. I just see it on my dashboard and come here to study the experience. Sound interesting. Win-win situation for us and Fiverr
  10. Welcome to Fiverr Alexandra 🙂 Love your work.
  11. I corrected my last sentence about rating. This situation NOT Affected my rating after I asking to CS. Now just waiting to get my Payment back. Will update here later.
  12. May I know… do you get your money back or not? I also face same problem with you and already ask Fiverr customer support a few hours a go. At this moment… I curious if we can get our $ back or not. This situation also effected our rating.
  13. Thanks, that’s phishing page. I always received something like this but with more custom copywriting and look real. Be careful to others. Hackers one of genius creature in this planet.
  14. May I know, what happen if we click to the link? It will ask for our password or virus auto download? I always received link from client. Usually to show sample illustration. If the hackers write more personal copywriting, I’m sure, many of us defeated at this trick easily.
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