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  1. I deliver my order but still in progress
  2. All the seller facing this problem there is an issue in fiverr analytics soon fiverr will fix it
  3. There is an issue dont worry will solve in a while
  4. Please resolve asap i am talking with my client
  5. Congratulations and wish you all the best i think you earn today
  6. Don’t worry when fiverr will review it. Your video will set on your gig.
  7. First Verify phone then you will able to publish
  8. Welcome and wish you all the best.
  9. Yes if you gig niche same fiverr will disable other wise fiverr allow 2 or more accounts but with different niches for multiple peoples.
  10. Its depends on level for level 1 there are 7 gigs.
  11. Add your phone number and verify it if its not working don’t worry try after some time.
  12. Welcome @chainbreak_r and wish you all the best for future.
  13. Welcome and wish you all the best @isaiahabraha808
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