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  1. Ramadan Mubarak from me as well.
  2. Yes I am interested to get a chance in this program
  3. I promoted two gigs one for logo and the 2nd for web banners, the CPC on logo gig was $1.37 and on web banner gig CPC was $0.46.
  4. I’ve used total $10.18 to promote my gigs and got only 65 impressions, 15 clicks and no order. I think 65 impressions for $10 is too costly. :roll_eyes:
  5. I got 56 impressions and 11 clicks but no order on my promoted gigs. That’s why I also stopped the promotion of my gigs.
  6. Yes this could be most definitely the reason. Thank you!
  7. This is the new results for “Custom Logo” for me after 1 hour of previous search. The first gig in previous result is removed from the first page. :roll_eyes: And as you mentioned about his gig perfection in title, description, great SEO, and tags etc. He has only 1 order in queue but this seller has 18. dddddd1366×768 214 KB
  8. Sellers with no level are labeled as “New Seller” on Fiverr. This is first time I saw some gigs with no label on them about seller level.
  9. Can anyone tell me the seller level of this gig? This is the very first gig when I searched the keywords “Logo”. I can see other gigs as well with no seller level. screenshotsssssssssssssss1366×768 201 KB
  10. Yes you’re right I also saved couple of gigs when I was new on the platform but I never clicked on their gig to contact them back. I always contacted them directly through inbox.
  11. I don’t think that any seller can save the gig of other seller especially if he not in mood to place the order and he is using the Computer he can easily contact me through inbox.
  12. A new client messaged me yesterday I replied him but he didn’t placed the order. After that I checked the promoted gig page I was charged for 1 click on that gig. I realized that he contacted me through my gig ad but today he messaged me again and I was charged for 1 more click. Not sure how exactly this feature is working. And I’ve checked his profile it’s shows “New Seller” on his profile from UK. I’m thinking now that the sellers also can see the ads or is it possible for same person to contact me twice through my gig ad?
  13. I’m feeling proud to be a part of this wonderful and life changing platform. Thanks Fiverr!!!
  14. Yes I also got $10 in gifts few minutes ago.
  15. I got the first impression on my promoted gig
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