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  1. Thank you.Will always do that​:pray:t2:👍
  2. It’s normal. It happens with all the sellers. So, the number showing is not always the same number we can send an offer to?
  3. Hello, I’m still new in Fiverr. I wonder why, sometime buyer request just showing tens of of requests and sometime,… just nothing is showing? Is it because at that time, there are actually no request at all? And also,… Sometime Buyer Request showing me there are 9 requests,but I can only see 7 or even less of them. Anyone experience the same thing? A little Tips on how to handle buyer request will do too. Thanks
  4. In my Buyer Request offer, I say, … “Due to time difference, we’ll response as soon as possible” IF the given time is 1-2 days gigs. Is that okay too?
  5. Thanks for the tip​:sunglasses:👍 What I did so far,… Make my profile picture align with fiverr (green) based on some tips from other forum member. Get the Fiverr app on my mobile phone, so I can see updates at the same time I’m seeing my social media too. Put professional pic or video based on the gig (as you mentioned) Be as active as possible in the forum and learn more at the same time from other members. And… some other stuff too.😁 Finally,… wishing all the best for the result.
  6. Yupss.😁 lol Just make an account and then just ran off​:sweat_smile:😂
  7. Thank you again guys. Really responsive forum. I think i will get along just fine here?? Feel free to colaborate if needed? And if that’s not again the TOS​:grin:😅
  8. Thanks Guys! Best of luck to all of you too 🙏
  9. Hi all, After joining for 4 years, and finally made my 1st gigs. lol… 😂 Where was I ? Did my offline jobs quite a lot. Due to the pandemic situation, I finally created my gigs here. Please be gentle. 😋 Stay healthy and stay creative! Regards from Bali Island. cheers
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