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  1. Hi, In my opinion, best examples of really good designs are your designs, the one made by you.
  2. If you deliver before it is due, will not be considered as late. When you extend the delivery time, your clock extends and if you deliver it while on green, will not be considered as late. You can extend delivery time more than once if you communicate it with your client and if it is delivered in that time frame will not be marked as late. This is from my experience, I maybe not correct. Thank you
  3. No, if you extend the delivery time with agreement of your client before the order is due you will not considered as late and that will not affect your stats.
  4. Yes, it was much less than that figure. Actually it was around 15 or 20
  5. If I can share my opinion, Cost of gig dies not relates with seller status. Have been TRS for almost seven years, my gig is starting at 10.
  6. Or you could say, Thank you for your interest in my gig, but I am not confident that will come up with satisfactory result. Your request is too complicated for my skills. I think you should look at other gigs that offer those services.
  7. Hi, You do not to be on first page to be successful. Just try to offer exceptional service and work the best you can.
  8. That is very good advice, I like be polite and professional which I think is a key to make something here.
  9. Hi, I wish you Happy New Year. You are advertising that you are offering digital paintings. I have checked your samples and they look as photo manipulated images which in my understanding is a little bit different. I think you should be more precise what you offer so customers do not get confused. Best
  10. That is a very bad advice. Do not ask for a review from clients, never,that is against terms of service and you will receive a warning from fiverr. If a client does not leave a review after order is closed, move on. Do not ask him for a review. You can read on this forum, there are lot of good topics.
  11. Yes, you can. It takes dedication, hard work everyday and providing best services that you can. I have a family, and my main income is from fiverr in the last seven years.
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